Il tape une pointe à 174 km/h, 7 jours de fourrière pour le véhicule

A Saint-Benoît, sur l’île de la Réunion jeudi 30 juillet, un conducteur âgé de 22 ans a été contrôlé à 174 km/h sur la RN2 limitée à 110 km/h. En grand excès de vitesse, l’individu s’est vu suspendre son permis de conduire et sa voiture a été envoyée à la fourrière pour une durée de 7 jours.

Laissée à l’abandon pendant 30 ans, cette Falcon XA GT a trouvé un nouveau propriétaire

Patience est mère de toutes les vertus… Après 32 ans d’attente, la Falcon XA GT, avec le package RPO 83, a été vendue pour la somme de 309 000 dollars australiens, soit environ 180 000 €. Célèbre dans toute l’Australie sous le nom de “Chicken coupé”, personne ne pouvait acheter cette voiture d’exception à son premier propriétaire qui l’avait laissée à l’abandon dans le Queensland en Australie, quand il s’est aperçu du prix exorbitant de l’assurance. Le bolide de la firme américaine s’est ensuite retrouvé orphelin lorsqu’en décembre dernier, son propriétaire est décédé. C’est via une vente aux enchères, il y a quelques jours, sur le site que la “Chicken coupé” a enfin trouvé un nouvel acquéreur. De quoi lui envisager un meilleur avenir… Cette version de la Ford Falcon XA GT de 1973 est l’un des trois exemplaires dans le monde avec la nuance de couleur orange appelée “McRobertsons Old Gold” mais c’est aussi le seul avec une boîte manuelle à quatre vitesses. Mais au vu des photos disponibles sur l’annonce, le nouvel acquéreur aura du pain sur la planche pour redonner vie à cette Ford Falcon XA GT.

At the bottom of the meter in the Nissan GT-R : 356 km/h in less than 1 km for this version prepared

Zapping Autonews Excess of speed : the cars used by the police to track them down

A9 Performance is a German company in motor preparation that addresses all the cars the most sports, ranging from Porsche to Lamborghini, passing of course by the Nissan GT-R. This latter has become, over the years, an ally of choice for professionals in search of power. Developing 1800 hp, the model developed by A9 Performance reaches an impressive speed of 356 km/h at the end of a run of a half mile, or 800 meters, at the event Race1000 at the airport of Neuhardenberg, Germany.

A concentrate of pure power

Un concentré de puissance pure

Photo illustrationPhoto Credit – Nissan

Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Honda, Toyota-Lexus, Mercedes, McLaren, Nissan (GT-R only) and Porsche are part of the brands for which A9 Performance offers his services of motor preparation. In order to measure the know-how of this independent business, just look at them rolling their Nissan GT-R prepared to its maximum, presented at the event Race1000, at the airport of Neuhardenberg in Germany. The monstrous sports, with the maximum level of motor preparation offered by the preparer, attack the straight line of 800 meters with force, without losing an ounce of grip at the start, in spite of its power and hubris. She went on to sprints standing start with speed spike-impressive end-of-course. It reached successively 348,83 km/h, and then 273,55 km/h and finally 356,08 km/h during its last passage. The most impressive remains the fact that it exceeds the bar of 350 km/h in fifteen seconds, doing better than any hypercar modern in a straight line.

Controlled to 200 km/h : his first reflex is to flee !

Last Wednesday, a driver is allowed to ride at 200 km/h on a stretch of motorway limited to 90 in the u.s. State of Washington. This excess of speed has not gone unnoticed for the police patrol which was heading to the city of Union Gap. The hit, at the age of 20 years old, attempted to flee after observing the height of a police officer activate his emergency lights and his siren. A chase is committed on nearly two miles between the two vehicles. Crossed by a flash of lucidity, the fugitive turned himself in voluntarily. As well, responsible for an excess speed, careless driving and refusal to obey orders, he will soon be tried in court.

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At 132 km/h on a highway : a plum and points less on the license of the hit and

Last Wednesday, positioned on the D1001, the men in blue carried out a speed control in the municipality of Froissy (Oise). This presence has not prevented a driver to reach 132 km/h on a road limited to 80 km/h With a speed deduction of 125 km/h, the hit was sanctioned by a contravention of the 4th class. In accordance with the law, the forces of the order have, therefore, imposed a fine of 135 euros and a withdrawal of 4 points on his licence.

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Grand Prix of Great Britain F1 – EL1 : the results

Zapping Autonews racing SUV : the best sales of the year 2020

Red Bull Max Verstappen has the best time in Free practice 1 ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Lance Stroll on his Racing Point. The little “new” to this Grand Prix and next week, Nico Hulkenberg, has the 9th place. Also on the Racing Point since it replaces Sergio Perez, positive covid-19 and thus placed in isolation. The first Ferrari is the 5th with the car of Charles Leclerc, while Sebastian Vettel did not chrono. The first French is Esteban Ake (7th), Pierre Gasly is the 11th, and Romain Grosjean 15th.

  1. Max Verstappen – Red Bull
  2. Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
  3. Lance Stroll – Racing Point
  4. Alexander Albon – Red Bull
  5. Charles Leclerc – Ferrari
  6. Valtteri Bottas – Mercedes
  7. Esteban Ake – Renault
  8. Daniel Ricciardo – Renault
  9. Nico Hulkenberg – Racing Point
  10. Daniil Kvyat – Alpha Tauri
  11. Pierre Gasly – Alpha Tauri
  12. Lando Norris – McLaren
  13. Carlos Sainz – McLaren
  14. Kevin Magnussen – Haas
  15. Romain Grosjean – Haas
  16. George Russell – Williams
  17. Antonio Giovinazzi – Alfa Romeo
  18. Kimi Raikkonen – Alfa Romeo
  19. Nicholas Latifi – Williams

A hit and flashed to 118 km/h in the city centre can say goodbye to his licence

Wednesday, July 29, police intercepted a car at excessive speed on the boulevard Detolle, located in the city of Caen. The man was travelling at 118 km/h instead of 50 km/h in the centre of the city, the chief place of the Calvados. 23-year-old, the driver is seen to withdraw his driving licence immediately and his car has been placed in pound, administrative. The hit certainly to take a PV of 1 500 €, but also a withdrawal of six points on his licence, the usual penalties in such cases.

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BMW 5 Series (2020) : tuning galore with the new accessories M Performance

Zapping Autonews bioethanol E85 questions : part 2

Not a question for BMW to leave it to Alpina and other preparers independent of the monopoly of the customization and sporting accessories dedicated. The brand reveals a full catalog of parts, M Performance, allowing to offer the Series 5 standard the touch of sportiness that it deserves or to ensure an even more exuberant high-performance models M5 and M5 Competition. The program, lip front fascia, spoiler for the trunk, rims, steering wheel in carbon / Alcantara, etc., firm bavarian even offers to improve the performance of the brake with the calipers specific to the dynamism of the sedan via a kit of suspensions where the setting is more sporty.

Exterior styling

Photo Credit – BMW

In order to give the BMW 5 Series the total look “M Performance”, the German brand offers a wide range of exterior accessories. At the base of the shield to the front, so it is possible to opt for a lip of carbon fiber, while the famous “nostrils” of the front grille can deal with the same material. One can also find the latter choice, on the shells of mirrors, the rocker panels, the spoiler “tail of the duck” placed at the end of the trunk or even the diffuser, located under the rear shield. For his own pleasure, it is even possible to cover the air box under the hood with a cache M Performance carbon, in the same way that the tank cap can be replaced by a carbon version. For a style a little more discreet, most of these accessories are also available in black matte and/or gloss. Finally, the Series 5 can receive a line accent black or silver on the flanks, while the M5 / M5 Competition can adorn themselves with coloured stripes M Performance.


Wheels and suspensions

Photo Credit – BMW

The sedan German to the propeller can be equipped with a braking system M Performance 19-inch with ventilated discs and burned. An available option on all 5 Series, the difference of the brake pads and sport and the sport suspension is reserved for the M5 / M5 Competition exclusively. BMW has also developed an exhaust system M Performance Diesel models, with a new soundboard at the level of the silent, making the sound more sporty. Four sets of wheels design sporty are available with three 20 inch and a 19 inch for the 5 Series all models excluding the M5 / M5 Competition, which have a set of wheels optional specific 20-inch M Performance. Finally, these two models, the more sporty of the range, may also receive a protection of motor full carbon.



To give the illusion to the driver that it driver a real pistarde in the standard models, accessories M Performance are available for the interior. The steering wheel is adorned as well with a choice of a combination of carbon / Alcantara or carbon / leather with paddle in carbon fiber with. Floor mats badged M Performance and pedals in stainless steel complement the style in the cabin. The M5 / M5 Competition have right behind the wheel M Performance Pro, as well as the shifter M Performance carbon. To push the attention to detail at its peak, the owners of 5 Series of latest generation will be able to opt for the receptacle of the key combination also the carbon and Alcantara. To keep your wheels in winter, during the summer, and vice versa, BMW also offers bags M-specific Performance, which may accompany at the request of a tarpaulin interior M Performance measure.

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Un chauffard à 231 km/h sur l’autoroute : une fois mais pas deux !

Zapping Autonews Automobile : le Top 10 des ventes de l’année 2020

L’escadron départemental de sécurité routière des Pyrénées-Orientales était de sortie ce week-end afin de relever des excès de vitesse sur l’autoroute A9. C’est dans ce contexte qu’un automobiliste a été intercepté roulant à 231 km/h au lieu de 130. Responsable d’une sanction de 5e classe, le chauffard risque désormais une amende de 1.500 euros et une suspension administrative de son permis de conduire (3 ans maximum). Les militaires ont également relevé en deux jours pas moins de douze autres grands excès de vitesse. Au total, les hommes en bleu auront sanctionné dix-huit conducteurs sous l’emprise de l’alcool et six automobilistes positifs aux stupéfiants.

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Il file à 173 km/h avec 1 gramme d’alcool et risque une suspension de 3 ans du permis

Dans le cadre de la lutte contre l’insécurité routière, les motocyclistes de l’escadron départementale de sécurité routière du Morbihan ont réalisé plusieurs contrôles de vitesse sur les routes nationales 165 et 166. C’est ainsi que des automobilistes se sont fait piéger en excès de vitesse. C’est le cas de cet homme, au volant d’une Renault Mégane berline, contrôlée à 173 km/h au lieu de 110. De plus, l’homme a été dépisté positif à l’alcoolémie avec un taux de 1,02 gramme par litre de sang. Son véhicule a été immobilisé par les gendarmes. De son côté, le chauffard risque une amende pouvant aller jusqu’à 6 000 € et une suspension de son permis de conduire qui peut durer 3 ans.

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