MotoGP : Andrea Dovizioso optimistic for his return

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Authorized to take part in a motocross race in Italy last week, Andrea Dovizioso has been the victim of an accident. The driver, Ducati, hit in the left clavicle, was forced to have surgery. An operation that should not prevent it from being on the starting line on July 19, next to Jerez for the start of the season 2020.


“I am confident “

« Je suis confiant »

Andrea DoviziosoPhoto Credit – Ducati

Successfully operated, Dovi was optimistic for the following : “I don’t have very badly, and this makes me very optimistic. I’m back home on Monday morning, and I’m going to plan my re-education. I am confident in my chances to find my form in time for the first Grand Prix “. Same goes for professor Giuseppe Porcellini, the man who operated on Andrea Dovizioso : “a point of view muscle, it will be there. And then, the bikers have a little something extra ! they cope better with the pain. So yes, I believe that it will be able to run “. Auspicious.

Speeding in a mess in the Corrèze, the force is “aqua regia”

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Last weekend, the members of the Squadron Departmental Road Safety in Corrèze have had bread on the board. Particularly with a motorist taken to 194 km/h on the motorway A89, limited to 130. The man is seen, immediately suspend his license. For this excess of speed more than 50 km/h, the hit and risk 1 500 € fine and a withdrawal of 6 points on his licence. 50 other offences have been notified by the gendarmes. 36 are the speed of which the four above 40 km/h compared to the authorised limit. Ten PV were also distributed to the conduits under the influence of alcohol, narcotic drugs, or both. The rest deals with a lack of insurance, a case of exceeding 20% of the total weight authorized in load (up to 4.2 tons for 3.5), a non-observance of the stop at the Stop sign and driving with phone in hand.

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The BAC obliged to intervene to stop a hit and rv

Placement in police custody ! This is the (first) penalty that had to face last Sunday in the middle of the evening a Dutch after having sown discord at the wheel of her motorhome on the roads of Seine-et-Marne (77). The man was not in his normal state at the time of the facts…

Not even fear !

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Photo illustrationPhoto Credit – Yayimages

In fact, a few minutes earlier, the driver had multiplied the dangerous behaviour behind the wheel of his recreational vehicle, at the height of the city of Chelles. It is first and foremost a policeman, who was travelling on the same road, who had noticed the strange conduct of this freak, before the hit and misses of hitting his vehicle. The officer then followed the campervan crazy, which multiplies the violations of the code of the road, and tried to stop it by showing his business card.


Cursed seals

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But the man continued his rant to the city of Pomponne, before a recovery vehicle was able finally to stop the campervan and its driver in him barring the road to the forceps, and after the hit (which the motorhome had been borrowed from his father without the latter’s agreement) had crashed into the tow truck and the car of the police officer to try to escape again. The brigade tasked with fighting crime (BAC) has finally been called in to help control this funny wag who had tested positive to amphetamines. Logically, the hurluberlu has been placed in police custody and must be brought to the public prosecutor of Meaux on Tuesday, reports Le Parisien.

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At bottom of meter : a Subaru Impreza WRX STI pushed to 260 km/h on the highway

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To be aware of the real sensations that provide a motor of japan, with forged pistons and a few small changes, just go to the portion of the highway whose speed is not limited, Germany. Then, nothing can be more simple to push the car and its mechanics to their maximum : it is necessary to put the foot to the floor. On the chain of Cars on Autobahn, you are invited to experience a maximum speed in the TOP edge of a Subaru Impreza WRX STI-inflated.

0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds

0 à 100 km/h en 4,8 secondes

Illustrative ImagePhoto Credit – Yayimages

After having done a “launch control” perfect in stabilizing the engine speed to approximately 5000 rpm, the owner of the Subaru prepared flies from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds and passes the 200 km/h 12.2 seconds later. The exhaust changed from the japanese distilled a sound that is hoarse, interspersed with returns of gas is pleasing to the ear when switching reports. The Impreza WRX STI has reached 260 km/h before stabilizing, a figure that is allowed thanks to the 350 hp of its engine four-cylinder 2.5 boxer. The sports nippon transmits this power to all four wheels through a 6-speed manual transmission. Of origin, the Subaru Impreza WRX STI, model 2018, is granted for 300 hp and about at the factory with a 0 to 100 km/h is then shot in 5.2 seconds.

Driver flashed to 143 km/h on a national : the force him sugar his license and his car

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Last Sunday, towards the end of the afternoon, a driver has been controlled at a speed unusual on the national road 145. In effect, the head, a foreign national, was travelling at a speed of 143 km/h, well short of the 80 km/h allowed. Once stopped by the forces of the order, the offender has suffered a retention immediate driver’s license and that his vehicle went immediately to the pound. In addition, the excess speed, exceeding the speed limit of 50 km/h (63 km/h to be more precise), also condemns the hellion to a contravention of the fifth class. Thus, the driver is liable now to court a maximum fine of € 1,500, confiscation of the car, a driver’s licence suspension, a withdrawal of 6 points, a prohibition to ride on some land vehicles and, finally, an obligation to follow a course of awareness of road safety.

Crazy wheel 222 km/h : the driver is identified and arrested

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Last march, a motorist was flashed driving at the speed of 222 km/h, on the motorway A12, at the height of Bösingen, a swiss municipality in the canton of Fribourg. Except that the hit had passed between the meshes of the net, and that since this offence the police helvetians were attempting to identify it. This was done in recent days after several months of investigation, reports the swiss press. For this great excess of speed, e driver in question, therefore, is spent in court and lost his licence.

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F1 – Grand Prix of Austria : the history of Alexander Albon on the Red Bull Ring

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After a year in 2019, where he switched from Toro Rosso to Red Bull, Alex Albon attack his first full season, we hope, in the mother house. Already put to the test, the Thai will have to quickly get good results if he wants to continue his adventure with team austria in 2021. To do this, he will have to make a nice shot of the entry on the Red Bull Ring on 5 July next. A path on which the London of birth has not been a success last year for his first.



En qualifications

Alex AlbonPhoto Credit – Red Bull Content

Initially qualified 13th, Alex Albon has been referred to the 18th position after a change of power unit last year. A penalty that has had a big impact on the race from the Thai by the result.

  • 2019 : 18th on the grid

In the race

En course

Alex AlbonPhoto Credit – Red Bull Content

Positioned at the back of the grid in 2018, Alex Albon has lived a hard race. The pilot Toro Rosso was not able to pull away from the traffic and crossed the finish line at a poor 15th place. At the wheel of the RB16 this year, the pilot thai hope to do better, much better.

  • 2019 : 15th

Two motorists flashés to more than 150 km/h on the highway

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During a control in the department of Indre, the mounties have identified several over-speeding. Among them, two motorists who were flashing speeding on the highway A20 to the height of Mouhet. One was travelling at 152 km/h, the other at 155 on a road limited to 110 km/h. The driving licence of the two speeders was immediately removed. The two men are at risk 135 € fine and a withdrawal of 4 points on the driving licence. Other offences have taken place during the weekend in this same department of the Indre. A driver has been controlled to 134 km/h instead of 80. The record belongs to the driver who was flashed to 162 km/h on a secondary road.

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F1 – Season 2020 : the livery of Mercedes to combat racism and discrimination

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Known as the Silver Arrows by their color, the cars Mercedes will be black this year. At least one week before the first Grand Prix of the season 2020, the stable, the reigning world champion introduced its new livery. A livery amply dominated by black.


All united in the battle

Tous unis dans la bataille

The car of Valtteri BottasPhoto Credit – Media Daimler

If Mercedes has made this choice, that is, to show its commitment in the fight against racism and discrimination, unfortunately, is still present in society. “Racism and discrimination have no place in our society, our sport or our team. It is a fundamental belief for Mercedes, ” pointed out Toto Wolff.

As a reminder, Lewis Hamilton had not hesitated to take to the F1 and call it a sport ” dominated by whites “. The sixfold world champion, the only driver black of the grid, has always been engaged in this fight and is more after the murder of George Floyd by a police officer u.s. last may. Its position seems to have had an impact in the world of Formula 1.