A motorist fleeing in an Audi A3 is challenged at his home

While the controls on the roads are more numerous, some of them manage to escape the meshes of the net. At Marcillac-Valon, in the department of the Aveyron, a man at the wheel of an A3 is at a brisk pace while approaching a control. The driver will refuse to obey the orders of the police officers in order to escape the control. While in flight, the forces of order are going to use the harrow puncturing several tires. Despite this, the fugitive manages to outrun the cops. But if the man was thought to be out of reach, the investigations have allowed to identify the fugitive, the residents in the area of Decazeville.


Arrested at his home

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Containment coronavirus | 7 things to know before taking the steering wheel

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Arrested at his home, the police discovered at the home of the fugitive drugs and cash. Placed in custody, the man will be found soon. In the meantime, his vehicle is the subject of an immobilisation of the court, parked in a garage in the pending trial.

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Can you wash his car during the confinement ?

Until the 11th of may next year, tentative date chosen by the government to go to the déconfinement progressive, France is almost cloistered in her home. Some users of the road, using the self-washing stations, take the opportunity to clean their vehicles. This is where the misunderstanding arises, in the form of a pretty contravention of surprise. Let’s try to understand why.


What are the rules ?

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Containment coronavirus | 7 things to know before taking the steering wheel

Decree still in effectPhoto Credit – Yayimages

According to the decree of containment of the April 16, legally of washing stations :

“remain in operation only to respond to issues of hygiene for vehicles of the personal of health. It is impossible for individuals to justify that washing their car is essential. Same thing for those who wash their car without water in the street, in front of them. This outdoor activity is not needed and does not therefore fall within the framework of outputs allowed by the government.”

It will therefore be necessary to wait a little while to again see his car shine like a penny nine. This question divides within the population, especially if one follows the logic : why ban an activity that is completely automated ? The staff is not present and the customers don’t even need to get out of their vehicle in an automatic station (box or roll). Wash his car, of course, is not indispensable, but does not participate either to the spread of the virus. Hence the anger of some against the forces of the order that verbal about the users of this practice.


The risks that one incurs if one washing his vehicle

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Containment coronavirus | 7 things to know before taking the steering wheel

Tickets surprisingPhoto Credit – Yayimages

“I wanted to put a shot of water on my windshield that was full of pollen. A police car made a u-turn and stops me “Madam, what are you doing ?” I explained that my windshield is very dirty with near-zero visibility. The police officer asks me if I don’t have a washer, I answer him that it is precisely the lava-ice, which has added to a lack of “visibility” to my windshield. Result : movement not allowed ! 135 euros fine !”.

This woman of Kingersheim (department of Haut-Rhin), is found helpless. However, the law specifies a fine of 135 euros, in the same way that all moves that are not basic necessities. The fee is the same for everyone. Difficult to challenge the fine, the washing of a means of transport, for a purely aesthetic, is not critical.

When the washing stations will open ?

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Containment coronavirus | 7 things to know before taking the steering wheel

Roller for high gloss scarlet Photo Credit – Yayimages

Edouard Philippe noted in the beginning of the week the end of the confinement on the 11th of may next year in our country. The economy, hex will return to color. This applies to a whole range of business sectors including the automotive industry.

The Prime minister hopes to revive companies which have a place with a large space. This is the case of the cleaning stations, large in size, which is located outside. Less than two weeks to wait before giving a polish that is refreshing on its metallic paint.

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It increases to 209 km/h in front of the police : more drivers or car

Zapping Autonews Excess of speed : the cars used by the police to track them down

Without doubt the forces of law and order waiting they also déconfinement the 11th of may with impatience. Of course, this will not prevent the excesses of road users, but it seems, nonetheless, that the roads deserted with the health crisis, have multiplied the at-risk behaviours on our roads. And e Friday, April 24, a motorist is passed to the steering wheel in front of the gendarmes of Cambresis at the speed of 209 km/h, on the A2 motorway, at the height of the Northern town of Tilloy-lez-Cambrai reports the local press. For this great excess of speed (79 km/h above the permitted speed), the hit is seen to sweeten her driver’s license while his vehicle was directly taken to the pound.

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TomTom : overall drop in traffic of almost 90% during peak hours in Paris

In the main French urban areas, if all the world could see a significant decline in the attendance of the main roads since the beginning of the confinement ordered as a result of the progression of the epidemic of coronavirus, this is not always encrypted. TomTom allows us to see more clearly, in figures, on this impressive evolution of road traffic. All the cities of France have witnessed a sharp reduction in the rate of congestion in peak hour, the number of vehicles in circulation and the average time to add because of traffic, commuting.


Traffic in the capital

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In Paris, the rate of congestion on the roads has reached up to 78% weekday peak hours with a peak marked at around 9am in the morning and between 18h and 19h in the evening. During the weekend, the rate of congestion remains high but it is more evenly distributed between 8am and midnight, and it never exceeds 45% between 18h and 22h. This is the result of a study giving the average values over the year 2019, which is therefore prior to containment. The rate of congestion for the week of 13 to 19 April, marks a radical change in the average values : on Monday, April 13, he has not exceeded 5%, even at peak hours, while during the week, the bar of 10% has hardly ever been reached. A decrease of nearly 90% in the middle of rush hour traffic. The average travel time has also changed. A user performing a journey of two times 30 minutes per day (an hour to go and return) was to be added to this 43 additional minutes per day in the week on the year 2019. Since the containment, the average time is increased to 4 minutes per day, a saving of 38 minutes on the journey time.

All French cities désengorgées

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Containment coronavirus | 7 things to know before taking the steering wheel

Illustrative ImagePhoto Credit – Yayimages

The pattern observed in Paris is repeated in all the large cities of France. TomTom says that if the average traffic during a typical week has decreased from 89% in Paris compared with figures from 2019, the same rate of decrease is 84% in Lyon, 83% in Bordeaux, 80% in Lille and 75% in Marseille. In referencing always the average journey daily an hour go/return, the additional amount of time in rush hour to make this journey is located at 43 minutes on average in Paris in 2019. This time was reduced to 4 minutes from the march 17, at the beginning of the confinement. In Toulouse, according to the same principle, this time average add to trip one-hour round trip in peak hours has increased from 41 minutes to 6 minutes and 30 seconds (34 minutes and 30 seconds per day), from 41 minutes to 7 minutes to Bordeaux (a saving of 34 minutes approximately), 37 minutes to 6 minutes in Lyon (31 minutes-saving approximately, 39 minutes and 30 seconds to 10 minutes to Marseille (29 minutes and 30 seconds saved) and 33 minutes and 30 seconds to 7 minutes to Lille (economy of about 26 minutes and 30 seconds). In all of these cities, the number of vehicles traveling per day has also decreased from 70% to 90% during the week as during the weekend since the beginning of the confinement.

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Containment : four in a car, with grass

Our confreres of the South West report that on Monday, police in the town of Pau, in the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques, stopped a vehicle in which were four people. During this traffic stop, which occurred at the end of the day, avenue de la Resistance in the city paloise, the forces of the order were also found in the interior of the car a few grams of grass. The four offenders had their certificate of derogation but the non-social distancing, as well as the discovery of 10 grams of Mary Jane in their vehicle, will be (3 on 4, the driver having been put out of the question) taken into custody. As a result, a PV for each of 250€ for transport and use of narcotics specifies the local newspaper.

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Coronavirus : Ford shifts the circulation of the robot taxis in 2022

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Postpone a marketing to better measure the impact of a global pandemic ? The car manufacturer Ford admits to shoving his calendar. This is valid especially for its robots taxis and its service delivery autonomous, planned now to 2022.

Impact long-term, measured more in detail

Un impact à long-terme mesuré plus en détail

The epidemic of coronavirus force Ford to change its plansPhoto Credit – media.ford.com

This new deadline will allow the american brand to better understand the behavior of the population which lives in the aftermath of a global health crisis. For several years, Ford checks the functioning of its autonomous vehicles in the cities of Miami, Austin and Washington. Previously, the firm had not communicated to the general public on the future towns that should benefit next year from these services robots taxis and deliveries autonomous. The firm has explained in the american media The Verge :

“Given the challenges of the current business environment, as well as the need to assess the long-term impact of the COVID-19 on the behaviour of customers, Ford has taken the decision to postpone the launch of its services autoconduite to 2022”.

There is no doubt that Ford wants to develop an even more powerful story to reassure its future users.

The economic balance sheet at a loss in the first half of 2020

Le bilan économique à perte au premier semestre 2020

Mustang Mach-EPhoto Credit – Ford Go Electric

Maybe other reasons will clarify this choice of Ford. In fact, this announcement is unveiled at the same time that its turnover for the first half. Result ? $ 2.2 billion loss in the world, instead of the billion of profit over the same period last year. The automotive industry is suffering from the coronavirus, it is undeniable, forcing also Ford to de-program the project to launch a SUV vehicle electrical. The “Fordistes” can reassure themselves, the marketing of the Mustang Mach-E and the new version of the Ford Bronco are always planned in the coming months.

MotoGP : the boss of Petronas evokes the rumor Valentino Rossi

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What will be the future of the Doctor ? At the end of contract at the end of the season, Valentino Rossi will be replaced by Fabio Quartararo at Yamaha disembarking from Petronas. Not wanting to take his retirement, the sixfold champion of the world should do the opposite way and join the team satellite Yamaha. But for the moment, the Italian does not seem in a hurry to settle the rest of his career.


“I check my phone all day “

« Je vérifie mon téléphone tous les jours »

Valentino RossiCredit Photo Yamaha Racing

Asked about the possibility of hosting the # 46 at Petronas, Razlan Razali, the boss of the stable is a malaysian, said that he had not yet been in contact with him :

“I check my phone all day and until now, I haven’t seen anything ! I hope that at least Valentino send a WhatsApp or something else. So far, nothing, so we remain available to him “, he explained on crash.net.

Aware that the possibility is real, the boss of the team satellite has recognized that his arrival would be profitable for Petronas, but it is far from being recognised :

“If this happens, it is something that we’ll certainly examine. We will ignore it not. He is nine-time world champion and has a lot of weight in terms of marketing and exposure. But we have to really understand the agreement. What are the things to do and not to do ? We need to understand what he wants “.

Logic would dictate that the Doctor to join the team satellite the next season but he could be tempted by an adventure in another stable…

Ferrari F50 : the myth reinvented

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The F50 is a great thrill machine equipped with a V12 engine that breathes strong. RM Sotheby’s offers to sell the second copy ever produced on the 349, which are the factories of Maranello. Preserved in remarkable condition, this car, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, has covered just 3 of 371 miles (5 to 425 km) since its manufacture. It will be offered at auction online between 21 and 28 may 2020 and has its certificate Ferrari Classiche. The supercar is estimated to be a price at the height of what it generates : between 2.5 and 2.75 million (with 2.3 to 2.53 million euros).

A V12 Formula 1

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Ferrari F50 | photos of the supercar for sale at RM Sotheby’s

Photo Credit – ©2020 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

Just as spartan as its predecessor in the cabin, the F50 wears carbon fibre almost everywhere the eye rests. However, the finishes are not yet in the fort of Ferrari in this period and the vents are, for example, very low end for a car of this standing. The supercar doesn’t even have power windows, but no matter what, it is built for performance so every kilogram counts and the comfort is secondary. What interests us first is located behind the seats : the V12 4.7 directly derived from the engine fitted to the Formula 1 Alain Prost during the race season 1990. This engine, of a nobility undeniable, develops 520 hp and 470 Nm of torque for a 0 to 100 km/h is dispensed with in 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 325 km/h. The whole, playing in a partition of an opera singer with the high notes so characteristic of the blocks of Italian in the senior plans. As on the F40, all the power is transmitted to the two large rear wheels, which measure, here 335 mm wide (only 245mm wide at the front), via a manual transmission 6-speed manly and its famous grid in “H”, typically Ferrari.

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A Porsche 911 Turbo S runs from 0 to 209 km/h 5,31 s (video !)

In normal times, the Porsche 911 Turbo S is already one of the vehicles in the most heady of planet-side accelerations, but with a change by EKanoo Racing, the performance becomes properly amazing stuff. It is on the track Drag racing at Bahrain, the car to the German brand has made the ” quarter time mile (or 400m standing start) in 8,443 seconds and with a maximum speed of 273 km/h. To do this, the Porsche has ruled out the 0 to 96 km/h in just 1,87 seconds, and then reached 209 km/h in 5,31 seconds. To have a comparison to the road cars that can reach 96 km/h in 5 seconds are already considered as sports effective.

The 911 Turbo S on the Drag races for years

 La 911 Turbo S sur les courses de Dragsters depuis des années

Photo illustrationPhoto Credit – Yayimages

Year after year, the Porsche 911 Turbo S never ceases to improve. Known under the name of ES1XXX, she had already done in October 2017 on the track, Drag-race in Bahrain, the best quarter time mile ” in only 8.99 seconds and reaches the speed of 258,7 km/h. Only, after investigation, some specialists have revealed that the engine had been completely changed by the specialist in Turkish Esmotor providing 1 073 ch and 1 393 Nm of torque. The Porsche EKanoo Racing shows up at the end faster than hypercars electric prepared by Lotus, Pininfarina and Rimac, or even a Tesla Model S Performance.

F1 : Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari must keep Sebastian Vettel

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While the negotiations for a potential extension between Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari have not started on a good foundation, Luca di Montezemolo gave his opinion on the subject. For the former “capo” of the Scuderia, the team with the prancing horse should not separate themselves from the German pilot as he told the daily Il Resto del Carlino :

“Seb is still very fast, it has a lot of experience and I do not think that it is in a crisis of motivation “.


A helping hand for Leclerc

Un coup de main pour Leclerc

Sebastian VettelPhoto Credit – Ferrari

In addition, Luca di Montezemolo thinks that keeping Sebastian Vettel would be a great use for Charles Leclerc. Remaining, the German could help the promising young monaco to advance and better manage pressure in future :

“His presence would also be useful to Charles Leclerc, who is very talented but has yet to confirm his presence at the summit after a season of splendid, and will therefore have more pressure on the shoulders “.

Now only remains to see if the quadruple world champion and the Scuderia Ferrari will find an agreement.