Barcroft Cars-invented the limousine all-terrain !

It is an innovation that comes straight from the States ! Not surprising, since it is there that the development of the modern concept of limousine. For many decades, companies based in Las Vegas or New York that offer versions extended of sedans like the Cadillac or the Lincoln. This last, the Lincoln Town Car, is often visible along the Las Vegas strip.

An innovation between a limousine and all-terrain

Une innovation entre limousine et tout-terrain

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But let’s put aside, bars rolling with neon lights, couches, bottles of champagnes and other luxury accessories. In this version designed by ” Barcroft Cars, the limo uses suspensions of a real Monster Truck, with a chassis resting on two rigid axles gigantic. The cost is just as important. It took around 10 000 dollars plus the price of the limo. For the moment, no market is in sight… just for fun (or not) of the eyes !

Coronavirus : a Cadillac Eldorado hearse for the prevention

To prevent the risk of Covid-19, and invite the Colombian to stay at home, the local police has shot for a day in the city of Medellin last week, with a sort of convoy mortuary. The hearse is awesome, made to attract attention for the good cause, was not based on any car : it was a Cadillac Eldorado, transformed for the occasion, with a casket in the rear and crowns of flowers. The big american sedan of almost 6 metres long has been a sensation, but it has mainly contributed to make visible the message warning of the danger of death that represents the Covid-19 for the population.


Fun but very serious

Amusant mais très sérieux

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Interviewed by the Huffington Post, the police officer Deisy Aponte, in the margins of the strange procession, explains : “with this hearse we invite all citizens to think simply and obviously to stay in their homes.” By turning a hearse in convoy with police vehicles, the message is clear : if you go out, you might catch the virus and if you catch the virus, the death awaits you ! What do the desire for Colombians to leave their homes before the end of containment, ruled in the country until the 13th of April next, for the time being.

He gives a course of conduct to his pitbull under the influence of drugs

An american motorist gave a hard time to the police, because he “drove” from the passenger of his vehicle at more than 160 km/h. In fact, in the driver’s seat was his dog that “he was attempting to learn to drive”. An explanation preposterous that he has given to police forces to the u.s. during his arrest. He was remanded in custody, while his dog, which had probably not called to lead, has been conducted in a refuge.

The drug, it is evil

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The offender is named Alberto Tito Alejandro, at the age of 51 years. Under the influence of drugs, it believed good to learn to drive to his pitbull around Seattle, in the United States. Commanding the vehicle from the passenger of his vehicle to help his dog to “master” the controls, it would make a great lurching of the car, which has not escaped people in the corner who immediately contacted the police after seeing it slammed into two other cars. The dog, with the help of his master, (or the reverse) rolled to tomb open, without creating a serious accident, miraculously. Speeds of up to 160 km/h and “aggressive”, the police have been up to deploy spike to stop the man and his dog. An adventure no doubt encouraged by the taking of illegal products, by its principal protagonist. Moral of the story : do you drug not.

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Meeting with Louis-Carl Vignon, President of Ford France :”The Mach-E embodies the way in which one wants to confront the future”

Louis-Carl Vignon, how have started the sales of Ford in France since the beginning of the year 2020 ?

LCV : They start with an extreme confidence, in particular to the support of our strong news product and our communication which we should wear throughout the year. At the level of orders, we are positive compared to last year thanks to, among others, the contribution of the new Ford Puma.

The future is the Mach-E

L'avenir, c'est le Mach-E

New Ford Mach-EPhoto Credit – Ford

The Ford range is now more than ever electrified. Why ?

First of all, because customer expectations have evolved in terms of experience and technology. And then the regulation has also clearly evolved. The conjunction of these three factors that we attack 2020 by launching 14 vehicles, all electrified, all connected and with a lot of innovations.

What is your strategy with the Mach-E ?

With the Mach-E we have been bold in daring to make a Mustang electric. This vehicle embodies perfectly the way in which one wishes to face the future and we’re really confident. The whole company is behind this strategy.

Precisely, how the Mach-E-a-t-he was welcomed during his presentation ?

When we presented it to Los Angeles last November, 50% of the people were crying out in engineering, and 50% to the heresy. The fact remains that the clients of the Mustang thermal V8 that had the opportunity to approach the Mach-E, all we have said that undoubtedly the spirit of the Mustang’s original was clearly present in the Mach-E. And then when you land with a car that offers 600 Km in standard WLTP it enable there to be serene ,to consider a long walk…


The utility, and the fleets

L'utilitaire, et les flottes

The segment of the utilities is not forgottenPhoto Credit – Autonews

And the vehicle utility in all this ?

This is obviously an axis of strong growth for Ford. As well this segment has not been forgotten, with again the latest innovations in technology implemented in our commercial vehicles, in the same way as for vehicles for individuals.

The market for fleets is also strategic, isn’t it ?

Absolutely. To the extent that the state now sets companies an obligation of greening their fleets. Our broad coverage of personal vehicles such as utilities, with every time different solutions, electrification will allow us to address all the needs of a business.


Confinement : convicted eleven times for driving without a license, he did it again

When we go out of our home now, we are asked to go to the store closest to us to do our food shopping or to date only in cases of extreme necessity. This is what an inhabitant of Bruz, Brittany, does not appear to be understood by travelling more than 20 km from his home to do his shopping ! He added that driving without a license and a grey-card as well as insurance that are not valid for his vehicle.

Condemned multiple times

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Already sentenced for driving without a license on 11 occasions, this Breton stubborn is past in appearance immediately at the tribunal correctionnel of Rennes, and his car was immediately impounded. Given the situation, the offender has received a sentence of 8 months imprisonment of which 4 months were suspended. A forcible confinement that it will be a lot more difficult not to respect…

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Coronavirus : the PSA Group embarks on the production of respirators

Last march 22, the French government has appealed to Air Liquide and its companies to explore the possibility to manufacture and deliver 10 000 respirators in 50 days in the hospital, before mid-may 2020. The company’s sprawling decided to take up the challenge with the support of the PSA Group, Schneider Electric and Valeo. To carry out this challenge, the industrial, the grouping by appeal also to the exceptional contribution of 100 partner companies that will provide the 300 essential components needed for the manufacture of these medical systems.


Active Participation of PSA

Participation active de PSA

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The PSA Group contributes to this unexpected challenge via three main keys : by working engineers full-time in the group of exceptional work created by Air Liquide, the creation of a dedicated workshop at its factory in Poissy with over fifty volunteers, and by an approach called “The reserve PSA”, which is implemented by the Group to send volunteer employees in Research and Development work on the site, Air Liquide, Antony. The workshop Poissy will soon be in capacity to produce the central block of the respirators. An element which can then be delivered to Air Liquide for a final inspection and assembly on industrial site of its branch Medical Systems to Antony. The volunteers at the site of R&D of PSA in Vélizy (“The reserve PSA”) will be able to join the same plant, Liquid Air, to bring their support and expertise directly on-site.

Motorcyclists of the police encouraged not to take the road !

In the canton is bilingual German and French, of the Valais in Switzerland, the local police has passed an official message rather surprising destination of her motorcycle.

No output, no accident : QED !

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So reported the local press, the police cantonale valaisanne request to his flock on two wheels… not to go out in this time of pandemic coronavirus, unless situation is unavoidable. The reason for this ? to avoid having to mobilize a hospital bed several days in case of road accident of one of their bikers. Here is the official press release of the authorities : “We ask them to avoid taking the road for the duration of the extraordinary situation. And if riding with his bike had to be inevitable, we ask them a on the road beyond reproach. A simple fall on a motorcycle could lead to the occupation of a hospital bed for several days, a situation of the most damaging in the state”.

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A biker flashed to 165 km/h in the city after work

The scene is placed in the Loiret in the afternoon of Friday, march 27. On the commune of Chaingy, a biker tumbles to 165 km/h on an axis is limited to 50 km/h ! The man, who was returning from his work fell on the constables of Meung-sur-Loire. The conclusion is without appeal : the hit and is in a very large excess of speed, and this is not because the roads are empty that the speed limits are no longer in force !


To avoid clogging of the emergency overwhelmed

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The license of this hit was riding on the handlebars of a two wheeled design of 1000 cubic centimetres is removed and a summons to court will be sent to you. Probably as soon as the confinement period will be completed in the Hexagon. The force also notes that the increase in these risk behaviors can lead to serious accidents. Therefore the rescue will be forced to send victims to the emergency services that are already overwhelmed and on the war footing with the covid-19. A note altogether logical that some tend to forget…

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Seat Leon IV vs Volkswagen Golf VIII : David vs. Goliath

The combat seems to be unbalanced at the start. Although the Volkswagen Golf VIII, and the Seat Leon IV boxent in the same category of compact sedan, the first door with his coat of arms a track record of more than 35 million units have elapsed since 1974. 25 years more experience than the Spanish out for the first time in 1999. Even more amazingly, each of the generations of the Golf, marketed between four and nine years, has exceeded 2.2 million copies sold, corresponding to the total of all generations of the Leon…

The previous generation of the Seat has been produced more than a million units and is not there to make up the numbers. It is always tricky to try to debunk an icon, but the iberian could count on his personality and its particularities for daring to peacefully confrontation.



Photo Credit – Seat

Here it is, from the outset, that the ascendant can be taken by one or the other of the protagonists, according to the taste of the customer. At least, it should not be a hesitation, the styles are decided. Elongated hood and smooth lines, the Seat Leon changes significantly compared to the previous one and does not cover the same targets as the Golf. His headband light linking lights to the rear and the typography used in the center of the tailgate for the registration of its name differ. Day or night, impossible to confuse with one another. True to form, the Volkswagen does sourcille not, and operates very quietly compared to the seventh generation. The arrival of a band of light on the front of it becomes an eccentricity unexpected. His silhouette is more square will reassure more, two sensibilities clash.




Photo Credit – Volkswagen

We can’t say the same for the inner part. Almost nothing to differentiate them on board. In contrast, the two transform themselves vis-à-vis their predecessor respective. Two large screens for the counters and the media (the Seat is detached from how tablet and refocused), forms of horizontal and straight elements of the same commands as the small gear selector of the DSG gearbox as optional, the atmosphere is more technological than ever before. The treatment of the skins and the mood lighting, represent the essential changes in the transition from one to the other. Even the perceived quality is the rendezvous of the two sides. Not jealous.




Photo Credit – Seat

If they are too close, it is above all because they share the platform MQB Evo. A modular basis, which, however, is not exactly the same on both models. The Seat Leon is as well longer by 8.4 inches at 4,368 metres against 4,284 metres to the Golf course. Wider than one centimeter (1.80 m) and lowest of 3.5 centimeters (1,456 m), the Spanish confirms its more aggressive look by the numbers. And if the two chests can contain to 380 litres of objects of all kinds, the wheelbase is more important to nearly seven centimeters from the compact to the south, directly benefiting the space in the legs rear passengers. What travel more comfortable even if the Golf course remains well off of that side.




Photo Credit – Volkswagen

The performance will benefit in any case not more than the other. The two catalogues of engines, the wide-ranging, involve an election that is almost identical. A block gasoline three-cylinder 1.0 TSI 90 or 110 hp. A four-cylinder 1.5 TSI 130 or 150 hp, available in versions micro-hybrid 48V eTSI when they are mated to the automatic transmission. The Seat simply adds a 2.0 TSI 190 hp.

The 1.5 130 unveils TGI, equipped with three tanks of CNG (compressed natural Gas) in addition to the fuel tank.

Side diesel, one finds a block four-cylinder 2.0 TDI, offering a choice of 115 or 150 hp.

The hybridization rechargeable made its arrival in Seat and continues at Volkswagen. An offer represented by a gasoline engine, 1.4 TSI associated with an electric motor and a battery pack 13 kWh for a combined power of 204 horses. A variant more sporty 245 horsepower takes place under the hood of the Golf GTE and the Cupra Leon eHybrid.




Photo Credit – Seat

If the entry price of the Seat is known (21 370 €), only prices of the editions of the launch of the Golf are disclosed. To drives and finishes of launch equivalent, the price difference exceeds widely the 3 000 €, to the favour of the first.

A Seat Leon 1.5 eTSI 150 DSG7 EN One is trading against 31 540 € (Volkswagen Golf 1.5 eTSI 150 DSG7 Style 1st : 35 365 €) and a Leon 2.0 TDI 150 DSG7 EN One request 34 790 € (Golf 2.0 TDI 150 DSG7 Style 1st : 37 800 €).


Balance sheet


Photo Credit – Volkswagen

At the end of the fight, the points are calculated and we can see no possible dispute that the Leon fourth of the name would have been wrong not to get in the ring. Less expensive, more spacious and more dynamic, it has a style also more attractive. The solid Volkswagen Golf is not for as much destabilisée. Its own discretion is a force that has its (many) followers. His reputation speaks for itself and there will certainly always as many signatures “eyes closed”. The compact Spanish obtained the same weapons, the mania with skill but his battle technique won him will not overcome on the commercial ground.

Charging Points for electric car : 3 regions that are particularly well-endowed in France

To develop the electric car properly, many agree that the key is to have a network worthy of the name. In a press release regarding the current situation of the network of electrical terminals in france, AVERE France (national Association for the development of electric mobility) and the GIREVE (platform with multi-interfaces to facilitate interaction between the various operators of terminals) agree that our country is on the right track. Indeed, the european recommendations advocate a minimum of one charging point per 10 vehicles while France is currently 1 to 11, counting the plug-in hybrid vehicles !

The French network in figures

Le réseau français en chiffres

Photo illustrationPhoto Credit – Renault

Since march, 2019, France accounted for 15% of terminals open to the public on its territory, a number that amounted to 29.578 terminals exactly. But in recent years, this figure was closer to 20% to 30%, a slight slowdown that can be explained mainly by the closure of 189 rapid charging on 217 by the motorway network, Corri-Door. Progress continues to be satisfactory and allows France to exceed european directives of 1 terminal for 10 electric cars if one counts only the 100% electric vehicles (1 terminal for 8 cars). In the case where we take into account the plug-in hybrid vehicles in addition, the ratio reached 1 charging point for 11 cars. On near 29.600 terminals, and 2/3 of them are points of “reload track” (power from 11 kW and 49 kW), which is different from the terminals of the “quick charge”, which we intend to only 1780 units, delivering a power of more than 50 kW and 750 kW, delivering over 100 kW.

The regions which have better in France

Les régions les mieux dotées en France

Photo illustrationPhoto Credit – Renault

The French region the most densely populated, is also the better endowed in the electrical terminals : this is, of course, the Île-de-France, with not less than 4 388 terminals. But with 61.630 electric vehicles on the road, we get an average of a terminal for 14 cars are 100% electric. The Auvergne Rhône-Alpes is less well-placed question raw number of terminals, with 3 of 301 points (3rd position), but this allows the region to offer a charging station for nine electric vehicles. Between the two, we find the Occitania (2nd position) with 3 467 charging points, which, with 29 494 electric vehicles on the road, gives a beautiful score of a terminal for 7 electric cars !