Formula E : Da Costa won double in Marrakech, Vergne is getting the cherry

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And to say that Friday he was sick… Jean-Eric Vergne, the double champion of Formula E 2018 and 2019, has signed a great remontada ! Party the 11th, the French driver has performed several overruns and could even aspire to the second place. But the German Maximilian Günther is back in front of the former F1 driver a few turns of the end of the race of morocco. Antonio Felix Da Costa (DS Techeetah) sign a nice victory in Marrakech and double kick as it grabs the first place in the standings of the world championship with 67 points. He is ahead now Mitch Evans, who finished 6th.

The classification of the race

Le classement de la course

Photo Credit – Audi

Crazy chase between a car driver for 17 years and the gendarmes

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It is a little before midnight on Wednesday 26 February when the gendarmes of Gaillon (Eure), patrol in the city. They saw suddenly a motorist who passes a stop without stopping. The military then decided to intercept it. Presumably panicked, the driver speeds up and attempts to flee. According to the gendarmerie, it has adopted a dangerous behavior behind the wheel.


Not even major

Pas encore majeur

Photo Credit – Yayimages

Sense prohibited, dangerous driving, and even the roundabout in the opposite direction, the hit and takes all the risks. Moreover, it is in a roundabout from the opposite direction that he lost control of his vehicle to finish the race in a ditch. The gendarmes challenge and discover that it is not yet a major ! ge of 17 years, the young man was immediately taken into custody. It will be convened before the justice, on the 20th of may next.

Speeding : the gendarmes de la Mayenne have not been sitting idly

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The platoon motorized Laval was recorded on Wednesday 26 February, a vehicle was travelling at the speed of 133 km/h. The driver was on the road 20 on a portion limited to 80 km/h. It has been intercepted in Bazougers. The next day, to Nuillé-sur-Vicoin, the radar of the military was once again packed : 141 km/h on provincial highway 1, also limited to 80.


50 km/h over the limit

50 km/h au dessus de la limite

Photo Credit – Yayimages

Sanctions identical for the two wrongdoers. They were stripped of their driving licence immediately. Their vehicles were also immobilized. Drivers will soon be summoned to appear before the justice. Exceed the speed limit of 50 km/h is considered as a contravention of the 5th class, synonymous with a withdrawal of 6 points on the title of conduct. They face up to 6 months of suspension of the permit as well as 1500 euros fine maximum.

F1 testing at Barcelona : Hamilton not serene after his engine problem

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Mercedes asks after the mechanical problems of his world champion, Lewis Hamilton. He made a statement at a press conference shortly after this mishap.


The declaration of Lewis Hamilton

La déclaration de Lewis Hamilton

Photo Credit – Daimler AG

Nothing is perfect, and this is not clearly not a scenario based for us. But I have full confidence in the persons responsible for it within the stable, to analyze the problem and do what it takes for us to be ready in two weeks in Melbourne.

And this is not a bad thing to discover this kind of problems during testing. Apart from this, our performance has been good, and we were able to rack up the miles.

Test of the Audi A1 Citycarver : asset psychological

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Intrude into the traffic, to show up at an intersection, make himself visible to improve safety, cyclists will choose to do this with reflective strips and yellow vests, the Audi A1 chooses the “combi” Citycarver. This new version of the urban premium German contains the codes of the vehicles all the way, those models Allroad according to the semantics of the constructor on the rings. But here, the transformation is limited to the style and fund raised. No version of Quattro four-wheel-drive program, the adventure will remain urban and his skills at crossing stop at sidewalks a little higher than average.


Army for the city

Armée pour la villeStart the slideshow
Audi A1 Citycarver | All of the photos from our test drive of the A1 enhanced

The A1 Citycarver contains the codes of the style of the SUV Audi.Photo Credit – Autonews

A ground clearance raised by five centimeters obtained by a 3.5 cm extra on suspension and 1.5 cm on the tire sidewall is thicker so it gives the false air of the small crossover urban for those who find the Q2 too imposing. The total height of A1 is increased from 7.4 cm (1″) 483 mm). The driving position is so high of 3.5 cm. It was not quite the feeling of boarding an SUV, but the difference is noticeable, it can still reassure them.

His aesthetic is more impressive also, giving a certain impression of robustness, with reinforcements of the bodywork and the black level of the wheel arches and sills, aluminum inserts on the front and rear bumpers, themselves redesigned. The three horizontal slots between the headlights of the A1 Sportback are evolving to a more pronounced two-pole elongated and enlarged on the Citycarver. Just below, the grille is completely black wins two sides and becomes octagonal as the SUV of the range. Our version Edition One is not available in France added the badge to Audi and the inscriptions on the tailgate in black also. A rear spoiler is part of the wide range of the A1 Citycarver. All of these changes would extend the city of 1.7 cm (4 046 mm) and the width of 1.6 cm (1 756 mm). With flashy colors, it’s all there is to do not go unnoticed as you approach a busy intersection.


Just a little more high

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Audi A1 Citycarver | All of the photos from our test drive of the A1 enhanced

No difference on the inside with an interior that is techno, but a point of view on the road slightly raised.Photo Credit – Autonews

Apart from a view, just more dominant on the road, while the environment inside remains the same. Two finishes are available, Design and Design and Luxury goods (+ 5 100 €). This last, very well equipped includes leather upholstery, headlights full LED, the multimedia system MMI Touch screen central touch 10.1″ or even the Virtual cockpit, for a techno feel, and instrumentation that is readable in any condition. The dashboard is modern, or colorful, depending on the trim chosen. The controls fall to hand and at first glance, one does not feel in an Audi at a discount.

Shiny Surfaces, metal, plastics, foamed on the top of the dashboard, it does however not look too closely at the lower part or in the rear seats. If the assemblies are on the level, the hard plastics are everywhere, which is not worthy of a car sold from 24 to 870 € for the smallest engine associated with the finish of the entry-level price but premium (up to 32 760 €, excluding options). You will benefit more from the mood lighting customizable according to 30 colors, highlighting the contours of the aerators and storage space of the passenger compartment and emphasising the effect of “cockpit” in the dark of the night.

We find in the same way the good habitability of the A1 classic rear outboard seats suitable as much for the head than the elbow width. The legroom is just okay. As to the space in the middle, intended for short trips, it has the merit of providing a certain fluffy. The trunk of 335 litres, roomy, does not move but sees its load threshold rise as much as the suspensions.


The style along with firmness

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Audi A1 Citycarver | All of the photos from our test drive of the A1 enhanced

Contrary to what its appearance suggests, the A1 Citycarver prefers suspensions firm to plush comfort.Photo Credit – Autonews

With a look of crossover, we search for the comfort that goes with it. The A1 Citycarver brings style and presents well with the 18-inch wheels but you will have to choose. This size of wheels do not stick with the sweetness expected. The suspensions are firm and a monte 17-inch will be more than adequate. The driven suspension of the “performance Pack dynamic” option to 1 060 € becomes unnecessary, the position sport of the amortization harden unnecessarily the A1, which has nothing to do with a sport. Too bad for the brake pads red. This pack also includes an amplification of the engine sound in the cabin. Again, this is not necessary. The three-cylinder 1.0 turbo petrol, available in 95 hp (25 TFSI) and 116 hp (30 TFSI), a low constant pace, exudes already the vibrations and resonance inside in the acceleration phase, no need to add a layer.

We had under the hood, the most powerful version of the two, combined with the S tronic dual-clutch transmission and seven reports. The gearshifts are carried out in full transparency and speed, but the start-ups generate in-shots and lack of fluidity. Once launched, the applications of power sudden involve an additional period, giving the feel of a three-leg mauling. It does lack not of will and displays very correct performance with a 0 to 100 km/h is achieved in 9.9 seconds (+ 0.5 sec in the face of the A1 Sportback is the same).

This Citycarver adds between 35 and 45 kg in the A1 and approaches a weight of 1.2 ton, associated with an aerodynamic flow that are less advantageous. In the city, our average consumption reached without difficulty the 9 l./100 km despite using relative Start and Stop. Its shakes each start-up push to turn it off quickly.


It is in the head

C’est dans la têteStart the slideshow
Audi A1 Citycarver | All of the photos from our test drive of the A1 enhanced

The Audi A1 Citycarver costs 1 500 € more than the A1 Sportback.Photo Credit – Autonews

Is it necessary to prefer the Citycarver to the A1 Sportback ? Let’s say that in the segment of the premium, it tries so much to pleasure as to find practical aspects to his or her vehicle. The A1 Citycarver has nothing to do with essential and calls for this 1 500 € extra fees on the invoice. She can always comfort once stuck in the middle of traffic jams the more dense the urban jungle. It is mostly a sort of pack “off-road” to approach with less of apprehension in the parking lots riding on the higher pavements of the city. The more rational it will, therefore, take the A1 in the conventional style that corresponds better to the dynamic settings of the chassis. Those who, on the contrary, refuse to ride in the entry-level model range of the manufacturer, will find in this A1 Citycarver a way that is very subjective to raise their level of “standing” of five centimetres for an additional cost relatively low. Image, style, sense of security, a matter of psychology that can not be discussed. Feel comfortable in his sneakers, it has no price.

Photo Albums

134 km/h on a highway : driver removed and car locked

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The mounties have had a reason to get up in good time this Wednesday 26 February. At 7: 25, a brigade of the Sarthe has identified a large excess of speed on the provincial Road 338. On this portion is limited to 70 km/h, the meter of their radar has posted no less than 134 km/h. The excess slip is therefore of more than 60 km/h, which can be costly for the hit.


A contravention of the 5th class

Une contravention de 5ème classe

Photo Credit – Yayimages

Intercepted in la Chapelle-Saint-Aubin (Sarthe), the motorist is seen removing his title to conduct on-the-field. His car was immobilized. Considered as a contravention of the 5th class, excessive speed is punishable by a suspension of the licence for up to 6 months and a fine of 1500 euros maximum. The man, 38-year-old will also lose 6 points on their licence.

F1 : the FIA forged a pact with Ferrari

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The FIA (international automobile Federation) has finalized an “agreement” with the Reds following “a technical investigation push” on “the motor” of the Scuderia. This decision will no doubt relieve the other teams that complained about a lack of transparency of the men from Maranello.


The press release of the FIA

Le communiqué de la FIA

Photo Credit – Ferrari

The FIA and the Scuderia Ferrari have made a number of commitments to technologies that will improve the monitoring of all the powertrains in Formula 1 in the seasons to come and will assist the FIA in its other regulatory tasks in Formula 1 and in its research activities on carbon emissions and bio-fuels.

She made up her Chevrolet Camaro at 176 km/h on a secondary road !

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After a weekend filled with lack of permits, of alcohol or narcotics at the wheel, the force of the Maine-et-Loire has finished the weekend in style. Sunday evening around 18 hours, the meter of their radar has posted 176 km/h on the route départementale 960 in Montfort, limited to 110 km/h. At the wheel ? A young 27 year old woman in a Chevrolet Camaro. After applying the margin of tolerance, the speed chosen was 167 km/h


A contravention of the 5th class

 Une contravention de 5ème classe

Photo Credit – Yayimages

But this discount only serves to virtually nothing. The overflow is always located more than 50 km/h above the speed limit. This offence is a contravention of the 5th class. The military has immediately withdrawn the licence of the young woman. The risk up to 6 months of suspension of its title drive, and 1500 euros fine. It will soon be convened before the justice, and will lose 6 points on their licence.

F1 : the “copying” of Racing Point does not pass at Sainz

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This Friday at the press conference, Mundo Deportivo has asked Carlos Sainz whether he would prefer to compete with a McLaren amended as compared to the year 2019 or would like to drive a Mercedes copied. The response from Madrid, was very clear.


Sainz very annoyed by Racing Point

Sainz très agacé par Racing Point

Photo Credit – McLaren

Carlos Sainz is the author of good testing in Barcelona on Friday morning, suggested that Racing Point, rather than copying the car in 2019, the brand the star, would have received a support much stronger of Brackley. The driver, 25-year-old said : “My engineers say that it is impossible to copy a Mercedes”.

Racing Point is defended for several days by saying that the engineers are simply based on photos to study the design of the Mercedes. For Sainz, the version of the stable of Lawrence Stroll is totally inaudible. According to some observers and prominent members of the F1 Racing Point would have entered into an agreement with Mercedes to receive the parts and would have a car similar to the W10 2019.

Renault F1 – Abiteboul : “it is difficult to assess our competitiveness”

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Cyril Abiteboul, the boss of Renault, has spoken to Sky Sports yesterday evening. For the French, it is impossible to describe the precise form of his team. It remains that he seems to be satisfied of the reliability of the car.


The statement of Cyril Abiteboul

La déclaration de Cyril Abiteboul

Photo Credit – Renault

We focused on our program, on what we had to do. The reliability has been pretty good, we have not had a problem with engine. We have lost a bit of time because of a few new systems on the car, but nothing to worry about for Australia.

It is very hard to assess our competitiveness and that of our rivals. However, the car is in good agreement with the predictions of the wind tunnel, which is positive. The correlation is good, it shows that from one year to the other, we have a better grasp of what we need to do. For the moment, the most important thing is to understand the car and the settings, so you won’t have to start from scratch in Melbourne.