Seat Leon 4th generation : the compact all angles

Contrary to what one might believe by listening to the rumors, the new Seat Leon will receive a motor plug-in hybrid, among a broad proposal engine, ranging from simple thermal block gasoline engine running on CNG (Natural Gas for Vehicles). In addition to this palette of mechanical engineering, the Leon’s team for what is best in the Volkswagen group in terms of active and passive safety. This will also be a compact very connected.


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Seat Leon 4 | All the pictures of the compact 5-door finish EN

Photo Credit – Seat / Autonews

In the version with five doors, the new Seat Leon 4 368 mm long,winning 86 mm compared to the older generation while losing 16 mm in width and maintaining nearly the same height (-3 mm). The wheelbase of 2, 686 mm is 50 mm longer than the Leon previous. The same width and the same height as the compact five-door, the new Leon Sportstourer able to about 93 mm higher than the former ST length. A set of values that contributes to make this version more detailed and sharper than the previous generations, overall, less curves, a feature found on the Leon until then.


Focus on the style

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Seat Leon 4 | All the pictures of the compact 5-door finish EN

Photo Credit – Seat / Autonews

Resolutely more modern that the old generation, the new Seat Leon, however, is not a revolution in terms of design. And the door handles are massive and will throw an image quite a few qualitative, a simple design yet spread widely on the models of the range Volkswagen.

On the other hand, not error for the general line of the car, effective and that leaves no room for doubt : we are facing a compact. A fold of the body rather marked comes to cut the side of the car, under the glass surface, starting from the front wing and then blending at the level of the rear door, before resuming even more marked on the rear wing. This line allows you to draw a hip generous but also to give birth to a pinch of the body that highlights the headband full-LED light signature of the stern.

The front end has been reworked in depth, with fires more dug out at the end of the hood, behind the grille. They take the design of the large SUV Tarraco. Exit the wide grille in a trapezoid : the new is more fine, three-dimensional, and its top corners are planed, giving it an aspect more qualitative than the previous Leon. In profile, the front end of the car seems to cut out with a knife, with a steep drop at the end of the hood. A positioning stylistically more marked than on the old generation, also dictated by the safety standards related to the protection of pedestrians.

When we speak about the new Seat Leon, hard not to mention the Golf 8. However, if they share their platform (MQB Evo), the two cars have not much in common level design. This is one of the strong points of the compact Spanish and more attractive than the German,more “sexy” also with his genes latins.

The new Leon has, of course, entitled to his version Sportstourer, on which the same observations are notable at the front, which does not change much compared to the compact five-door. The rear portion is much more subject to discussion and worth commenting a little further. In fact, if the gate-to-rear overhang is still large, the outgrowth of the trunk is much better integrated than on the previous generation of the Leon ST, which was not visually pleasing finish sports EN. We distinguish even a inspiration models German more high-end of the parent company VW, with a leaking roof, more refined, better integrated into the overall design. His general line becomes elegant and reminiscent of the form of breaks larger and more statutory.

On the compact as on the Sportstourer, the rear lights are triangular full LED to the distinctive design come together through a headband LED light that runs through the tailgate in its entire width. Discreet, this thin line of light sign is one of the main features of the new models of the brand, a beautiful aesthetic success. The stern is complemented by the new lettering Leon original, as if it was hand-written.


Sobriety on board

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Seat Leon 4 | All the pictures of the compact 5-door finish EN

Photo Credit – Seat / Autonews

In the cabin, a display of 10.25 inches takes place behind the steering wheel, while another touch screen will perch high on the dashboard and integrates the discrete air conditioning controls. So far, nothing new for a car with recent. Modernism lies in the great simplicity of presentation of the interfaces with the driver on this new Leon : there are almost no physical buttons. The affiliation with the Golf 8 is not so obvious as this, except, when you look a little further down, at the level of the speed selector ultra-simplistic view of the center console. Still more minimalist, this command of the automatic transmission takes a form that can be found in many models of the Volkswagen group, of the recent Porsche 992 to the Golf 8 by passing by the Skoda Octavia 4.

Two sizes of screens for infotainment : the system Media series compatible with all smartphones, measuring 8,25 inch diagonal and the system Navi 10 inch with 3D navigation system is connected, the Retina display and integrated voice control. Under the dash very clean, passengers have two USB plugs and an induction charger at hand.

Finally, the strip of LEDS at the base of the windshield to the interior enhances a set predominantly black, and a little sad, and gives a slight appearance premium compact extending down over the top of the door to the front. The color of the light is of course selectable choice. On each side, to the front as the back, the material of the inside of the doors are below what one might hope, especially in their lower part, at the level of the storage bins.


A ride on the mechanical side

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Seat Leon 4 | All the pictures of the compact 5-door finish EN

Photo Credit – Seat / Autonews

Under its hood, the Seat Leon 4 embarks petrol engines turbocompressées ranging from 90 hp to 190 hp. In the entry level, there are two three-cylinder 1.0 TSI with 90 hp and 110 hp, a first in the compact Spanish. As for equivalent models in the galaxy, and Volkswagen, the largest TSI are of the four-cylinder 1.5 offering 130 hp and 150 hp, they include the active management of the cylinders. To cap the range in lead-free, a 2.0 TSI 190 hp associated with a DSG gearbox will be able to equip the Leon compact as the Sportstourer. A version hybrid rechargeable (eHybride) will also be offered with a block 1.4 TSI associated with an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery with 13 kWh for a power of 204 hp transmitted through a DSG transmission with six reports. The version plug-in hybrid should allow up to 60 km of range in full electric.

The blocks TSI 110 hp and 150 hp can also be associated with the technology, mild-hybrid, which consists of an alternator-starter of 48V is associated with a lithium-ion battery 48V. In practical terms, this allows to recover the braking energy, and provide electric assistance with the need on the thermal block. Referred to as “eTSI”, these two versions are associated with the dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The Natural Gas engine (CNG) will be renewed based on the new Leon for the greatest happiness of the corporate fleets (low fuel consumption, tax benefits). The block CNG is no more than a 1.5 TGI, delivering a power of 130 hp and powered by 3 tanks NGV with a total capacity of 17.3 kg. The autonomy of the vehicle thus equipped is then of 440 km with a full, not to mention that it can also run on unleaded.

Two Diesel engines 2.0 TDI can equip the new Seat Leon, a power of 115 hp combined with a manual transmission, or a second 150 hp with manual transmission or DSG choice. The Sportstourer is also available with 150 hp coupled to a gearbox DSG, and the system 4Drive. All of these engines have been reworked in order to meet the emission standards Euro 6.


Connectivity and assistance technologies

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Seat Leon 4 | All the pictures of the compact 5-door finish EN

Photo Credit – Seat / Autonews

The Leon is fully integrated into the decade in its infancy with a set of technologies for driver assistance and connectivity in the heart of the user experience. Like its cousins premium, it even goes so far as to recognize a few gestures basic made in front of the screen of infotainment, but it remains a gadget. ECall, in case of an accident, makes his appearance. It is an equipment that becomes a regular on the most recent models.

The damping controlled (DCC) allows the new Leon to adapt their reactions to the imperfections of the road by acting in real time on each shock absorber to the four corners of the vehicle to try to eliminate a maximum of holes and bumps, while keeping a healthy behavior, and dynamic, beautiful program. For its part, the adaptive cruise control predictive (ACC) will soon be able to provide its information to the Travel Assist, a function of autonomous control advanced still in development. Also attached to the system Lane Assist, Travel Assist will keep the vehicle in the center of the track continuously and to adapt the speed to the flow of vehicles, all the way up to a speed of 210 km/h ! An outstanding issue is… why a speed so high, except maybe for the German market (motorway, in part, to unlimited speed) ?

Finally, to satisfy the legal requirements, the driver will still need to monitor the system and its environment continuously, even if the Travel Assist will allow the overflows automatically, by simple activation of the flashing. If the sensors in the steering wheel detects that the driver is held over for more than 15 seconds, the latter will receive audible and visual warnings, and the car will give a sudden brake. If the driver has still not reacted, the system is Emergency Assist will stop completely the Leon. Another novelty : the Exit Warning. When the vehicle is at a stop and the driver opens the door, a warning sound is issued if danger is detected (vehicle arriving at high speed, pedestrian, cyclist).

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Test Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 : our impressions at the wheel of the new 3008 plug-in hybrid

Zapping Autonews Green SUV electric : Peugeot, Audi, Mazda… the commercialization expected in 2020

If the Hybrid4 technology is well known within the PSA group, this solution has evolved over time. Of full-hybrid diesel, it has become plug-in hybrid (understand rechargeable this time), and mary now the gasoline to electricity. A first for the group’s models. After the DS7 Crossback e-Tense, and in the meantime the Opel Grandland X and Citroën C5 Aircross hybrid, it is the turn of the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 benefit from this technology.

300 horses power combined

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Peugeot 3000 Hybrid4 | our photos of the test

Photo Credit – Autonews

The hybrid drivetrain used here is so classic. Under the hood, the 1.6-Puretech 200 hp supplemented by a first motor located at the level of the transmission EAT8. The second, placed on the rear axle, allows the SUV as coach of sochaux benefit of all-wheel drive. All this small world is powered by a battery with a capacity of 13.2 kWh.

As a result, the card art is attractive, with a cumulative power of 300 hp a system ‘4×4’ available all the time (the battery keeps a minimum charge to this effect). The self-announced all-electric (the big advantage of a plug-in technology) is of nearly 60 km… that it is almost impossible to achieve. During our testing, on a path, peri-urban, certainly hilly but approached with gentle pace, the engine heat had to take the relay after only 30 km. It is always that taken. All the more that the electric mode is particularly attractive, with its 122 hp strong, its 135 km/h in peak speed and its smoothness of operation.


7l/100 km with the combination of electrical

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Peugeot 3000 Hybrid4 | our photos of the test

Photo Credit – Autonews

In Auto mode, the technology uses an intelligent way all the device in order to provide the best compromise performance/consumption. In this short essay, it is difficult to have an opinion on the exact levels of consumption. In the city, the onboard computer is quickly down to around 7l/100 km. A good perf’ for an SUV weighing 1.9 tonnes, and developing 300 hp. A more sustained pace, and with a battery run out of juice, the drinks have gone to graze the 10l/100 km. According to Peugeot, it would take a minimum of a charging-by-day to expect to use 100% power half the time. This use eco could reach over 65% if the user is able to recharge twice a day.


Dynamic behavior

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Peugeot 3000 Hybrid4 | our photos of the test

Photo Credit – Autonews

Technically very successful, with a functioning fully transparent and taking advantage of a development pace, the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 reinforces once again its image as a quasi-premium. A very good point all the more that the dynamic behavior does not seem to have very little impact on the implementation of this technology (it is here with a multi-link rear axle in place of a torsion beam). It is also very powerful when all his gear the engine kicks in (it reaches 100 km/ in less than six seconds !) and the spacious interior, which is rigorously manufactured and modern continues to make its small effect. Note that the trunk loses 125 l loading.

The SUV German in the line of fire

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Peugeot 3000 Hybrid4 | our photos of the test

Photo Credit – Autonews

With such a pedigree, the rates could not be at the height of the delivered services. Posted from 53 800 € in a single finish GT, the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 was clearly in the hunting ground of the SUV German. It even allows you to dare to the game options with a leather upholstery and a hi-fi system top of the range Focal charged, respectively, 2000 and 850 €.

A version more affordable for soon

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Peugeot 3000 Hybrid4 | our photos of the test

Photo Credit – Autonews

If the performance of small sporty and awd are not an argument for you, the SUV of the Lion, out also later in a version more affordable. Traction, a single electric motor and ‘only’ 225 hp, it will be displayed 5000 € cheaper. A configuration which is already the sedan 508 and its variant SW. As for the carriers, troop, grand 5008 is totally devoid of this technology, probably incompatible with their philosophy of ‘seven-seater’.

No penalty for individuals and professionals

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Peugeot 3000 Hybrid4 | our photos of the test

Photo Credit – Autonews

With only 33g of CO2 on the cycle WLTP, the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 avoids any penalty for the individual, and allows companies to spend TVS. A real argument, therefore, for against the inexorable rises in the tax environment on this type of vehicle. A beautiful way to give a boost to this model, which will benefit this is also a restyling promised important.

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Citroën Ami One Concept : our photos of the quadricycle futuristic Paris

Kind of Smart electric futuristic, the concept Citroën Ami One makes beautiful use of the urban mobility, for a maximum of two people. Very compact, this small, solid urban does not mean it’s the impasse on the design, by adopting a light signature three-dimensional front and rear and offering a small boil more friendly than really aesthetic.


100 km of autonomy

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Citroen AMI One Concept| our photos at the Festival Automobile International 2020

Photo Credit – Autonews

The concept Citroën Ami One is a 100% electric vehicle that travels at a maximum speed of 45 km/h and has an autonomy of 100 km, permitted by a set of batteries housed under the floor of the car. This thing remains very light with only 425 kg on the scales and contains its size thanks to its appearance in one piece. The Friend One is neither more nor less than a brick of stylized 2.50 m long, 1.50 m wide and 1.50 m high, with the capacity to accommodate two people on board.


Conduisible from the age of 14

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Citroen AMI One Concept| our photos at the Festival Automobile International 2020

Photo Credit – Autonews

The little car can be used with a permit AM, it is so conduisible from 14 years and can recharge in just 2 hours via a charging station a public or a Wall box. If the concept were to see the light of day in the series, it would be proposed, depending on the brand, by car-sharing or rental of more or less long duration, ranging from 5 minutes to… 5 years!!!

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Flashed speeding at the wheel of the heavy weight of his father

Zapping Autonews Geneva 2020 : the list of new features exposed

On the road, the French regulations imposed on the heavy-duty is not of any rest. A truck driver comes to make the bitter experience…


The name of the father

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Crazy driving in the opposite direction, to 300 at a time… | our slide show excess speed

Photo illustrationPhoto Credit – Yayimages

Last Tuesday in the middle of the day, the CRS of Callicanes (59) intercepted a truck driver registered in Belgium and had to be flashed more than 90 km/h on a road limited to 70 km/h. in the control identity of the driver, the police then realized that the driver stopped was not one of the essential map to the driving of the said truck. In fact, he was the son of the driver, which was passenger at the time of the facts, without the consent of the employer of the father. The result is that the truck has been immobilized by the forces of the order before the young man could not perform a PV in the amount of 1.800 euros.

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Rapido 886F Ultimate Line : a new camping-car full high-quality finish

Zapping Autonews Leisure Variomobile Perfect 1000 : discovery of the motorhome to 800 000 euros

With its 7,20 metres long, the 886F is positioned between the 880F (7,04 m) and the 896F (7,49 m) in the range Rapido. This integral, based on a chassis from Fiat with its engine 140 hp standard, was officially launched with the pack Ultimate Line at the occasion of the trade fair CMT in Stuttgart 2020. Its large open living room with single sofa face-to-face and arms and his bed of 150 cm wide makes a vehicle attractive, among others.


Upholstery-exclusive PET

Sellerie exclusive TEP

Photo Credit – Rapido

The laminate effect with light wood furniture and the seats covered with material PET (Coated Fabric Polyamide) sole make the “life” of the full bright and offer a nice sense of space. The Ultimate series Line is synonymous with top of the range with an abundant use of material PET under the bed, cab and its parts rig, this material goes so far as to dress up the skylight of the living room.

Other details of style make their appearance on this 886F Ultimate Line, as the laminate can dark applied on the work plan of the kitchen block and the table living room as well as the head of the bed new back-lit. The motorhome also benefits from the new bathroom vintage 2020, with a new bowl rectangular thermoformed.


Tricks and two double beds

Astuces et deux lits doubles

Photo Credit – Rapido

Some tricks allow the 886F of a beautiful habitability : bed, night party acquires a slatted retractable frame to free up the passage to its end and storage space additional are hidden in the chests of sofas living room.

Level sleeps precisely, the integral has two double beds : the bed is cab the central 150 x 194 cm and a bed of 140 x 191 cm. It is, therefore, approved with 4 seats for the night, but also 4 tickets to ride on the road. The Rapido 886F is available starting from 66 000 € and it will take 2 890 € extra for the pack Ultimate Line.

The main equipment of the pack Ultimate Line :

  • Rearview camera with night vision
  • Multimedia Station brand Pioneer with a screen 6.2 inch
  • Regulator-speed limiter
  • ESC with ASR (traction control), ROM (reduced body roll) and hill start assist
  • Electric door mirrors and heated door
  • Store windshield insulated slide-out, double pleated : up/down (sun visor) and the bottom/top (windshield view)
  • Door cell lock two points with a fixed window and waste bin built-in
  • Mosquito net door cell
  • Speakers in cell
  • Hood built in kitchen with LED lighting
  • Inverter of gas auto-Duo Control
  • Storage drawer exterior sliding
  • Heated waste water tank.

Brexit : what are the consequences on the F1 ?

Zapping Autonews racing speeding : cars used by the police to track them down

The british dominate in the panorama of the F1. Some teams (including Mercedes, Red Bull, Renault, Williams and McLaren) have special attachments with the United Kingdom. But the rupture between the EU and the Union Jack will be consequences. What will be the main inconvenience ?


The “Brexit”, a tile for the F1 ?

Le "Brexit", une tuile pour la F1 ?

Photo Credit – Daimler AG

The main negative consequences are similar to the free movement of goods and workers. In the case of employees, the “Brexit” is synonymous with the need to regularize the visa of work for the engineers, mechanics and operators who currently have a contract with teams such as McLaren, Mercedes or Red Bull, based in the United Kingdom. The departure of the british could also affect drivers, as Carlos Sainz, who currently has a residence near the Woking factory.

The F1 is no exception to globalization. The domination of the british workers in the lap of the F1 is dimmed for several decades. 40% of the workforce that make up the premier class of motor sports are foreign.

In addition, the flow of goods will experience disruptions. In effect, each truck that leaves the plants English in the future to get to a Grand Prix will have to be inspected by customs officials of the EU.

Moreover, even if the pound is renowned for its strength, the analysts believe that the Brexit will promote a devaluation of the british currency. Therefore, the foreign workers will see a decrease in their purchasing power. This factual issue could cause a leakage of talent.

New sneakers Le Coq Sportif with the Captur to Laurens van den Acker

Men’s UP TV Live

The automobile enthusiast will know : Laurens van den Acker is a fan of the speakers and other shoes colorful and full of pep ! The design director of the Renault group, we discover today its new pair of sneakers, designed in collaboration between Renault and Le Coq Sportif.

Canada Goose unveils the result of the project Atigi

Le Coq Sportif x Renault : matching colors

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Le Coq Sportif x Renault Captur | The new sneakers of Laurens van den Acker

The logos Renault and The le Coq Sportif associate on the sneakersPhoto Credit – Renault

After a pair of sneakers Renault x Adidas the colours of the concept Renault Trezor, Renault is now working with Le Coq Sportif to present the new pair of speakers of Laurens van den Acker, with the Renault Captur. With 90 shades outdoor, 18 mix interiors, and 8 lighting scenes, the impressive number of possible combinations as well as the emphasis on the customization of the Captur, the compact SUV Renault had also right to a pair of shoes ! The shoes marked with the Renault Diamond-shaped and of the logo of Le Coq Sportif, is available in several colors. A nice way to make the link between the man and the car, through the passion of Laurens van den Acker for the shoes highly colourful ! Check out the different pairs special at the Atelier Renault for the next 10 days.

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Red Bull will attack Ferrari in the case of irregularities

Zapping Autonews racing International Automobile Festival : the winners of the Grand Prix 2020

Max Verstappen has accused Ferrari of “cheating” after the Grand Prix of the United States. The performance of the SF90 were suddenly less good than the short summer (Belgium, Italy, Singapore). This sentence has not gone unnoticed among the decision makers of the Scuderia Ferrari. The Italian firm has closed the door to a possible arrival of the driver Dutch.


Helmut Marko does not let go Ferrari

Helmut Marko ne lâche pas Ferrari

Photo Credit – Red Bull

Helmut Marko, the strong man of Red Bull, has clearly threatened Ferrari in a statement made to the site : “there were several points about the Ferrari engine that were probably beyond any gray area, but nothing has been done. The power increase was cheeky. It was always on some tours, but I guess that won’t happen this year. If we suspect that there are still irregularities, we will certainly protest”.

F1 – season 2020 : Williams, on the path of redemption ?

Zapping Autonews racing International Automobile Festival : the winners of the Grand Prix 2020

It seems far away the time where Williams dominated outrageously the discipline in the decades 1980-1990. In 2019, Williams only scored a single small point and finished last in the manufacturers ‘ classification. In 2020, the british team needs to do better, given its glorious past. But is that Williams has the weapons to progress ?


What are the expectations for Williams ?

Quelles espérances pour Williams ?

Photo Credit – Williams

The machine Williams is rusty for several seasons. Yet the leaders want to believe in a power build. Claire Williams suggested that the restructuring and systemic changes will have positive effects on the development of the car.

Be in the back of the grid for this illustrious team is akin to something illogical. That is why, Williams has made some internal changes to encourage a return among the great. This week, David Worner (former member of Red bull) and Jonathan Carter (engineer from Renault) have reinforced the ranks of the british team.

Last year, Williams had not even carried out tests of pre-season, which is obviously detrimental to that level. This year, the leaders of the firm have not repeated the same mistake. Nicholas Latifi and George Russell have passed crash tests with flying colors.

It would be the time that Williams is turning the corner. The poor results have led to financial problems. Worse, Williams has lost sponsors such as Rexona. The pair Latifi-Russell will be competitive at the Australian Grand Prix. Hoping that the single-seater version 2020 is at the height.

Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo : our photos from the outstanding canvas of master

The fabulous concept car V12 Vision Gran Turismo made by Lamborghini was designed and created for the franchIse of the video game Gran Turismo for PlayStation 4. Result, the Italian study is a real sculpture of which we hardly dare to approach. We have photographed for you in Paris on the 29th of January last, at the International Automobile Festival.



In real life, and then with his controller

En vrai, puis avec sa manetteStart the slideshow
Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo| photos at the Festival Automobile International 2020

Photo Credit – Autonews

All angles, all the seams, the concept Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo will leave you breathless, speechless. Of course, you may not like it but everyone must admit the great work done by the designers within the style center of the manufacturer in Sant’agata Bolognese.

Inside, it has also the unique style that really stands out with a single seat on the board, way cockpit and a futuristic atmosphere and “gaming”. The concept that throne this week in Paris, takes the engine of the Lambo Sian, in the present case the V12 6.5 of 785 horses, which the Italian manufacturer has added a block power of 34 horsepower (installed in the gearbox) powered by supercapacitors.

In other words, a car mild-hybrid. If you have the time, go for a walk this weekend on the side of the Invalid, to admire the Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo. Or wait until next spring where you can take the wheel virtual, well away from your console.

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