Flashed at the wheel of his BMW M3 to 217 km/h on a highway !

A driver at the wheel of a BMW M3 was flashed last Saturday, to the speed of 217 km/h, on a departmental the department of the Allier, where the speed limit is 90 km/h.



You, hollow…

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Crazy driving in the opposite direction, to 300 at a time… | our slide show excess speed

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The members of the squadron department of road safety of the department of the Allier are not left with empty hands of their operation last Saturday. Indeed, the forces of the order have flashed a motorist who was travelling at the speed of 217 km/h, on the departmental road RD 2371, at the height of the municipality of Doyet. The very bad driver at the wheel of a furious BMW M3, had, after his arrest, to leave without his vehicle or his driver’s license for this very large excess of speed of 127 km/h. It will soon be summoned before a court of law.

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The director general of McLaren announces a more fierce struggle in 2021

The performance gaps should fade in 2021, according to Andreas Seidl. For the British, the small stables will finally be able to fight with Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull.


A rebalancing of the F1, is it a feasible goal ?

Un rééquilibrage de la F1, est-ce un objectif réalisable ?

Photo Credit – McLaren

Many hope that the three major stables are going to stop dominating outrageously the F1. Andreas Seidl, the boss of McLaren, believes that the new regulations in 2021 is going to be beneficial to small stables :

The F1 will be more balanced in 2021. We believe that we can improve with the new rules. We can join the teams main.

The standardization of budgets ($175 million for all the teams), as well as the technical changes that could allow the likes of McLaren, Renault, Haas, or Racing Point of filling the gap with Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull.

Eton unveils a coaxial premium in small diameter

The RSX 80 is a coaxial 2-way to 8 cm. With its low depth of 33 mm, it will return easily to the original locations, which will avoid any modification of the dashboard to a central pathway, or the door panel to replace the mediums. Sold in a pair, this HP can be used to replace the central route, or make a kit 3-way from a 2-way component kit RSX Eton. This HP premium uses a membrane sandwich carbon with a dome of 15 mm of aluminium. This coaxial has a motor neodymium. As a HP premium for upscale facilities, it comes with a passive crossover. It is a model 4 Ohms, cashing 50 Watts RMS. Its price is 299 Euros.

A Bugatti Centodieci exposed to Strasbourg airport

If you spend the eve of the day of the Year in Alsace, and that you go there by plane, you will fall in then nose to nose with an outstanding car : the Bugatti Centodieci !




The figures at the fly

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Bugatti Centodieci | the official photos

Photo illustrationPhoto Credit – Bugatti

You have until February 28 to enjoy the show : admire, at close range, a Bugatti Centodieci, which is located on the square in front of the airport of Strasbourg-Entzheim airport, not far from the home of Bugatti is located in Molsheim. A supercar of 1600 horse, to be produced in only 10 copies, driven by a motor W16 developing a whopping 1600 horsepower and capable of exploding the 0 to 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds and reach the 0 to 200 km/h in 6.1 s. with Respect to the peak velocity of the rocket alsatian, she moved to 380 km/h. A work of art for the price also non-standard : 8 million euros !

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Nabil Fekir made the fool in a Mercedes-AMG E 63 S

Check out Nabil Fekir at the wheel of his new gamos : a Mercedes-AMG E 63 S with which the attacker of the Blue not to laugh…

It is hot Nabil

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New Mercedes-AMG E 63 (2017)

Photo illustrationPhoto Credit – Mercedes

Has edge of his gamos, Nabil Fekir has not in the lace. As well the attacker of the Bestis Sevilla has shown all his talent steering wheel in a Mercedes-AMG E 63 S, during a small promotional exercise on a mini circuit. On the images, one sees the former lyon player to have fun like a little crazy at the wheel of the rocket German 612-horses, to the delight of the examiner at his side, and his teammates… check out two videos, one is ” official “, the second taken by an amateur and which one makes more account of the small game which gave the attacker of the Blue with the Merco.

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Excess speed : a motorist flashed to 180 km/h

The police have not been idle on the 28th and 29th December last. The military has recorded several big excess of speed, on roads and speed limits are different.

Allowed sweet

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Crazy driving in the opposite direction, to 300 at a time… | our slide show excess speed

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The first big excess of speed last weekend, has been found by the gendarmes of the Landes on the A63 motorway, at the height of the town of Escource, where a motorist was flashed at the speed of 180 km/h, 50 km/h over the allowed. The second driver in the offence was driving on the secondary road 933, at the level of Pouydesseaux, at the time of the facts. Its speed has been recorded at 153 km/h on this road limited to 80 km/h. The two motorists in a large excess of speed needed to get back on the field, their driving licence to the police, reports the newspaper South West.

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Fuel shortage : the CGT wants to block all the refineries !

If on that day the shortage of fuel in France is only a view of the mind, what will it be tomorrow ? In effect, Thierry Dufresne, delegate central of the CGT in the Total oil, has called for a total block of the 8 refineries that are located in the Hexagon…

Would have to do with…

Faudrait faire avec...

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The SGC provides a great time strong in his fight against the pension reform. A sudden brightness that could occur from 7 to 10 January 2020, with the total block of 8 oil refineries that are located in the Hexagon (a 9th is located in Martinique). Thierry Dufresne, delegate of the central CGT chez Total, which announced on 30 December on the waves of our colleagues from France Info. The steward pursued his will, by these words : “It will be necessary to ensure that no product does so out of nowhere for 96 hours. Then, we will ask ourselves the question if we get to the stage of the shutdown”. In other words, the message is clear : block the distribution of all fuels in service stations and to create a shortage. If that was the case, the State should probably put in service a portion of its stock of fuel, which he keeps “under the elbow” during a major crisis.

Andrea Dovizioso rejects the status of star

Andrea Dovizioso has delivered on his celebrity. And it is clear that the Italian has not made the big head. It feels “normal” and spoke of the idols of his childhood.

The declaration of Andrea Dovizioso

La déclaration d'Andrea Dovizioso

Photo Credit – Ducati

It is the television that makes us look like stars, but we are normal people and none of us forget where it comes from, we all have, more or less, started with mini-moto, and we are present every weekend for years, helped by our parents willing to sacrifice their money for us. Now that we got in Moto GP, we have the glory and success, but none of us forgets where he comes from.

As a child, I would have never imagined to be able to go that far. When I was running, I saw the great champions, and I thought that it would be difficult to get to where they had arrived. My idol was Kevin Schwantz, but of course I was also Valentino Rossi, it was he who won always, and everyone had his poster in her room.

Susuki was expecting better results in 2019

The Italian newspaper Il Corriere dello Sport has reported the speech of the head of project Susuki, Shinichi Sahara. It was a season more successful. His team, in his eyes, was to get more podiums. However, the balance sheet of the stable japanese is quite honest.

A finding tough but fair ?

Un constat sévère mais juste ?

Photo Credit – Susuki

Sometimes, good performance is not enough. In Susuki, by the intermediary of Shinichi Sahara, one is not quite satisfied with the performance of the season 2019 : “In 2019, we won both races with Alex and we saw our new pilot Joan Mir to grow a lot, but I was expecting sincerely to a few more podiums. The fourth place in the Manufacturers ‘classification does not reflect our true potential, so this means that we must still work”.

The project manager of a Susuki proceeded with the case Dinanderie : “I like his attitude because he is always ready to fight for the positions that count, even when it is not part of the first line. The point of improvement is precisely that one, if he manages to improve in qualifying, then we will get more podiums. Of course, all this depends not only of him but also of us, who need to be able to give him a bike faster over a lap seconds, this is what we will try to do in 2020”.

Cal Crutchlow : “I’m not like Rossi, I think I remove”

In an interview with Speedweek, Cal Crutchlow has said that he thought to put an end to his career the next season. His contract with Honda expires at the end of 2020. These last, the English driver has demonstrated a high regularity in its performance.

The declaration of Cal Crutchlow

La déclaration de Cal Crutchlow

Photo Credit: LCR Honda

I still have a contract with Honda until the end of the season 2020, and I’ve always thought that this would be my last contract in motogp. Now, I’m a better driver, but I ride on a motorcycle more complicated and, above all, the level of competition has increased significantly.

My body is marked by various injuries. Not only because of the incident is brutal in Australia in 2018, but in general. I could stop after 2020 and lead a normal life. There are other colleagues of my age who seem to better manage pain, Rossi for example. It was 40 years ago and apparently has no problems. It is different for me.