How to import a car from Germany safely ?

The import of a used car through a brokerage firm specialized as a Fellow Self can make great savings and make a secure purchase.

More than ever, the German cars are safe values. For example, in November 2018, not less than 10 000 vehicle owners responding to the barometer satisfaction DriverView-The argus have confirmed. They were asked to comment on the reliability and the quality of their car (reflecting the assembly of the various components of a car, as well as the choice of materials). In the end, the German automakers (Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen and BMW) are in the top 10 in the rankings. The Audi brand, meanwhile, place no less than five vehicles in the first six places, with the Audi Q5 in the head.

Why import his used car from Germany

To afford a German car brand, it is better to buy directly on-site. In effect, by importing directly from Germany, it is possible to make to lower its cost of 10 % to 30% compared to a purchase made in France, equivalent model.

Another advantage is that by importing a car from Germany it is almost sure to take advantage of the opportunity reliable. In fact, in Germany, vehicles are usually better equipped and better maintained.

How to find a German car second-hand ?

If you have decided to launch you in the purchase of a used car in addition-Rhine, the sites or offer a choice of German vehicles that may be suitable for you. Prefer vehicles sold by dealers of the brand. If you want to do it all yourself, you will then need to go to Germany to check the status of your vehicle, pay paperwork, and swallow a couple of hundreds or even thousands of kilometres behind the wheel of your new jewel to bring him back in France.

You don’t feel ready to get in touch with the seller in Germany, to start you in the administrative formalities, and to make you on site to go pick up the vehicle ? You fear the dam of the language ? You need to be reassured ? If you locate a vehicle that seems suitable for you, another solution to purchase his car in Germany is to use a facilitator that is specialized in the import of German cars, as the agent Gaillard Self. Just tell him the car spotted on one of the sites mentioned above, and it takes care of the rest safely.

To put even more chances on your side, and save time in your searches, you can also tell it what type of vehicle you are looking for. It will then do the research for you and present you offers available among the best German brands like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen. He may propose new models or second-hand recent (less than 30 000 km on the odometer).

Import a German vehicle with a representative

When you’ve made your choice, the contractor will deal with the dealers of the German brand, the dealer network, or its network of partners. The prices of the vehicles are traded directly, and the discount granted is fully passed on to the buyer. The latter thus knows the actual price of the car, and he has a contract direct. The importer will then transport the vehicle up to Strasbourg. It can also deliver it anywhere in France.

For the settlement, there is no advance background or deposit. The dealer is paid only at the time of the transaction. The regulation of the vehicle is done in a secure way, from your bank directly to the bank of the seller, without going through intermediaries.

The specialist intermediary provides all the documents of the vehicle, as well as those required for the register, and he explained the steps to do so.

Import a car from Germany : the formalities

The acquisition of a vehicle purchased new or used in another member State of the european Union is not the subject of customs formalities.

You must pay tax in France only if you have purchased a new vehicle in another member state. In the case of a used motor vehicle, you will not have to do it.

The discharge of tax (or tax certificate), which indicates that the vehicle is in a regular situation with regards to VAT, is to do so physically in the center of the taxes. This document is required to obtain a grey card when you purchased a vehicle, new or used, in a country of the european Union other than France.

Alpine : a hybrid version and then… the 100% electric ?

The director of Commerce and Regions of the Renault, Olivier Murguet, said, “electrification will be massive. We need to intensify the electrification. Alpine can not escape it”. The pad has been thrown in the pond without more details as to a release date or a base known technique, leaving the of different specialists give free rein to their predictions.


When reason overtakes the passion

Quand la raison rattrape la passionStart the slideshow
Alpine A110 (test – 2017)

Photo Credit – Shutterstock

One thing is certain, to achieve the european targets for average CO2 emissions limited to 95 gC02/km by the start of 2021, all the car brands are going to have to put a boost. Alpine does not escape, in spite of its unique positioning between the passion of motor sport “the former” and the reality of the market.

“Look, even the latest Ferrari is electrified,” said the director, using with subtlety this reference mark in the middle of the sports to silence the negative reactions early. It was without doubt a reference to the Ferrari LaFerrari, hypercar, hybrid, or the new SF 90 Stradale plug-in hybrid.

The first SUV of the brand Alpine could also see the end of 2021 under the name of code of A410. It would, in all logic, motor this time 100% electric.

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Drive-in : watch a piece of theatre in your car !

We knew all the movie drive-in, uncommon in our region but who made the heyday of the spectators on the other side of the Atlantic for decades, now here is… the theatre drive-in ! The initiative, oh, how singular, is that of the Director, set designer and creator of sound Guillaume Bariou that will not this using theatre to immersive room called Radio one. The piece will be played in the open air, in the artisanal zone of The Vainnerie on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 October next, which depends on the municipality of Chemillé-en-Anjou, in the department of Maine-et-Loire. The audience present on these evenings, attend, therefore, in the vehicle cabin to the piece played by actors but in what will be the ambient sounds and the lyrics played, it will be necessary that each member of the audience has paid in advance to the radio on a frequency that will be given by the production of the show.

Test Askoll eS3 EVOlution : 3 reasons to adopt the electric scooter

You now know, in Men’s UP, it is very (very) motorcycle. But scooters have their place as you may have discovered with our tests, Vespa or even NIU…especially when they are electric ! And if the Askoll eS3 EVOlution left us puzzled initially…it quickly became a favorite green ! Now is the time to tell you why. It is left for our trial, 3 points of the electric scooter in the streets of Paris !

Our test of the wasp electric Vespa Elettrica !

Askoll eS3 EVOlution : maximum agility !

Askoll eS3 EVOlution : agilité maximale !Start the slideshow
Askoll eS3 EVOlution | Our photos of the electric scooter in Paris

Lightness and agility are waiting for you !Photo Credit – Men’s UP

Let’s start from here. If the Askoll eS3 EVOlution has left us perplexed at first glance, it is above all through its design certainly a harbinger of agility and handling, but that translates into lines almost spindly, empty of matter. Large wheels, a silhouette of finesse, a light weight (about 80 pounds with batteries), a handlebars of a small motorcycle…are all elements that we have finally surprised ease ! The compact size and lightweight design of the scooter, not to mention its huge steering angle, make it a gear that is easy to take everywhere. His saddle, a little wider than before, is comfortable and perfect to accommodate (occasionally) a passenger. We especially appreciated the bends, comfortable and safe thanks to the large wheels and shock absorbers to smooth out the most uneven, often less absorbed by small forks scooters classic.

On-screen : high-tech and connected

À l’écran : high-tech et connectéStart the slideshow
Askoll eS3 EVOlution | Our photos of the electric scooter in Paris

Instrumentation and digital connectedPhoto Credit – Men’s UP

The electric scooter Askoll eS3 EVOlution, it is also a digital instrumentation is clear and readable, displaying a maximum of information, including speed, mode of conduct, or the activation or non-activation of the energy recovery in deceleration. Very complete, it comes with a smartphone app, allowing to know the distance traveled, range, consumption, time of use, but also the diagnosis and programming of technical maintenance. This high-tech equipment also hosts a small beep sound is regular, indicating to us that the scooter is turned on. A little too regular, since if it is convenient for us to alert the proper functioning of the scooter (obviously, the engine is perfectly silent when still), he quickly becomes unwanted at every stop, observed a stop sign or at a red light. Fortunately, a simple update would suffice to make sure that this beep occurs, for example, that from a certain time stop. Why not a thirty seconds…? (Askoll, if you read us !)

Handlebars : performance and security

Au guidon : performances et sécuritéStart the slideshow
Askoll eS3 EVOlution | Our photos of the electric scooter in Paris

The brake two discs is a real asset to the city !Photo Credit – Men’s UP

Once installed the bars, the electric scooter of Askoll is a real small gear pleasure in addition to be practical and go-anywhere ! Equivalent to about 100cc, the Askoll eS3 EVOlution is perfect for journeys in Paris, but also to its surroundings. Reactive at the start, nice in a straight line (we reached a maximum speed of 66 km/h), it deploys its full potential in the POWER mode. The more content, the ECO mode is a little too soft in the conduct and in the raises, but allows a good recovery of energy from the dual battery, the level of which remaining is indicated on the screen. Nice surprise also side brake with two brake discs 190mm (finished the rear drum). For a combined performance at the lever left and very effective to stop the machine when you grab the two levers. With its original look and performance is more than friendly, the eS3 EVOlution is our new favorite green !

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Audi A1 1of1 by ABT : 400 hp for the 2.0 turbo !

Daniel Abt, driver of Formula E and influencer has built a bespoke car inspired by the category of racing motor vehicles of tourism German DTM. It is as well a body kit is complete, a covering geometric engine and a bloated equip the baby Audi. All the elements of this unique model “A1 1of1” are detailed by Daniel Abt in a video on Youtube.


Engine boosted to the max

Moteur boosté au maxStart the slideshow
Audi A1 “1of1” by ABT | All of the photos of the unique model of Daniel Abt

Photo Credit – ABT

The base engine is still the one of model A1 40 TFSI is a turbo 4-cylinder 2.0 and 200 hp original which is here pushed to over 400 hp by the teams of the preparer. For example, the exhaust system is completely redesigned and has two outputs with a width of 114 mm diameter, with end caps in carbon for a raucous and demonic. This feat, however, is not a first because in the category of compact survitaminées, the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S takes no less than 421 ch of its block 2.0 turbo.

ABT offers a preparation kit engine that pushes the 4-cylinder 240 hp and 380 Nm of torque, compared to 200 hp and 340 Nm of origin. This improvement is associated to the application of suspensions made smaller, and specific rims painted in black, details in relation to the single-piece “A1 1of1” of Daniel Abt.


A plumage in the height

Un plumage à la hauteurStart the slideshow
Audi A1 “1of1” by ABT | All of the photos of the unique model of Daniel Abt

Photo Credit – ABT

Motor racing flows through the veins of Daniel Abt, who is fighting on the world’s racing circuits in Formula E with his car 100 % electrical. It is the same sporting spirit that flows in the pipes of his new toy, the Audi A1 1of1”. The engine is inflated also receives a setting for the height because the small Audi is adorned with an aerodynamic body kit complete with fender flares and air inlets with massive 4 corners, splitters, blades shields, and spoiler full carbon on the tailgate.

The covering is red and black with geometric shapes cut elegantly to the car in two areas with dominant black on his left side, and red on his right side. The 19 inch wheels matte black with tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 sided red complement the exterior styling is elegant. Inside, every square inch is adorned with alcantara, with the exception of the roof and some inserts in carbon fiber. The rollbar and bucket seats are also needed.

A collection of textile has been created on the occasion of the presentation of this exclusive model, check out there on the official website of Daniel Abt.

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Auction cars from Teodorin Obiang : 25 Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, Bugatti… report 21.5 million euros

Teodorin Obiang, son of president of equatorial Guinea (who runs this small Central African country since 40 years), who was sentenced in 2017 in France with a suspended prison sentence and a fine of € 30 million in the case of real estate assets in the so-called ” ill-gotten gains “, has seen his collection of luxury vehicles sold last weekend in Switzerland.

The sale, organized by the Bonhams auction house, was in response to the seizure of these cars by the justice of geneva after an investigation into money laundering on the part of Teodorin Obiang. The money raised by this sale to be then distributed to a social program in equatorial Guinea

In total, 25 vehicles of great luxury, therefore, have been put up for auction Sunday, September 20, Switzerland, Chéserex, in the canton of Vaud. And the least we can say is that this sale has been successful since it is the 23.4 million swiss francs, approximately 21.5 million euros, which have been collected in total.

It must be said that the vehicles in question were particularly sought-after and desirable. Consider this : 7 Ferraris, 5 Bentleys, 3 Lamborghini, but also the two Porsche, a McLaren P1, a Koenigsegg One and the same… a Bugatti Veyron, to name just a few. As signs of wealth with which the whimsical and partier Teodorin Obiang will no longer be able to circulate…


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First, Xzent we present a car radio 8 inch Android Link to the Fiat Ducato

The X-F270 of Xzent is built on a chassis double-DIN, but he inaugurates a new façade, well thought out, to have a big screen, and to be perfectly integrated with the dashboard. The facade is bigger than the other models such as the X-A220, because she married the rounded dashboard. Without having a large block on the dashboard (like some products), this gives a beautiful touch screen of 8 inches. The head unit is totally ” plug and play “, and does not require modification of the vehicle. It can resume the order at the wheel, if the Ducato is equipped with. For a great ease of use while driving, the X-F270 uses a new simple and intuitive graphical interface, and has some access keys to essential functions. Its strong point is its connectivity Android Link.

The Xzent X-F270 fits perfectly in the dashboard of the Fiat Ducato

Le Xzent X-F270 s’intègre à la perfection dans le tableau de bord du Fiat DucatoStart the slideshow
Xzent X-F270

Xzent X-F270Photo Credit – ABC

The time being resolutely turned towards the use of the Smartphone securely in the vehicle, the Xzent X-F270 has a mode Android Link. Via a specific application on the Smartphone, it displays a screen Android simplified on the car radio. It is then sufficient to program the shortcuts on the applications that you want to use. Thus, we can control Waze, Weather, Spotify…, directly on the touch screen of the car radio. For the iPhone, this item allows the duplication of the Smartphone screen, but not the control. For those who prefer a conventional GPS, or which circulate in areas without reception 4G, the X-F270 has a GPS receiver. A micro SD card with the mapping european and IGO is available as an option. For the media, the second USB port lets you play music and videos in most common formats on a USB key. In addition to its FM RDS tuner, this handset features a DAB tuner for digital radio. Of course, it also has the Bluetooth and two inputs for camera. Scalable, the X-F270 boasts an HDMI input and an audio/video input for connecting other media sources. For the traditional functions, it has an amp, 4×50 Watts, of output lines, an equalizer… For the time, date and rate of commercialization have not yet been announced !

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Lounge Of the Recreation Vehicle : Chausson, Pilote, Rapido… all the new photos

Recreational vehicles feel good the holidays, the sun and the warm sand. Camping-car, formerly nerdy, has come up in the ranks and is riding on a wave of freedom sought by customers becoming more demanding. A motorhome is today a true home on wheels with all the modern comforts that one could wish for, and this in a minimum of space. The hardware constraints are limited thanks to the compactness of the equipment as well as the tricks, techniques, and technology manufacturers.

Many brands already well-known as Chausson, Driver or Rapido are not resting on their laurels. These references to the recreational vehicle offer still more comfort and ingenuity to improve the travel experience and particularly of life aboard their rv. To feel like at home, the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom all equipped, are now the bare minimum for the manufacturers, even for those who are based on the utilities of the average size. Our special envoy offers you an overview of what is best in the middle of the motorhome, with all the new features present on the Show Recreation Vehicles, 2019.

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Malus green 2020 : the new fee structure and increases

Europe wants to impose by 2021 an average threshold of 95 g of CO2 per kilometer, a challenge for the builders. It is not excluded that the malus ecological can be applied as soon as this value in 2021, in France. Currently, this threshold is set to 117 gCO2/km, while it will fall to 109 g co2/km beginning the year 2020.


New round : new scale of

Nouveau cycle : nouveaux barèmes

Photo Credit – Shutterstock

The cycle WLTP will replace the official NEDC cycle mid-2020. This reference cycle is supposed to represent the use of a car in a situation of taxiing mixed type (urban and extra-urban) in terms of consumption and pollutant emissions. The cycle WLTP should hurt because it is much more realistic and would induce on average an increase of 9.6 g of CO2 per kilometre on the known values today.

This is why the State has planned not one, but two scales to adapt to this significant increase in CO2 emissions in a manner less abrupt. The first schedule will be valid between January 1 and may 31, 2020, the second will take effect in the month of June 2020. For example, the first portion currently pays 35 euros malus. The next year, the bill will rise to 50 euros.

Side bonus eco-friendly, the higher, set at 6000 euro, relates only to electric vehicles. Remains to be seen whether the other bonuses applicable to internal combustion engine vehicles and low-consumption, will decrease or will adapt to the higher emissions related to the arrival of the cycle WLTP.


The penalty in 2020

Les malus en 2020

Photo Credit – Shutterstock

Don’t get me wrong, the fare increase is real, even after the mid-June despite what may suggest the scales below. The penalty does not decrease between the first and the second half of the year. The State adapts simply to increases drastic for average consumption and emissions starting in June 2020, when the cycle WLTP will be applied. For example, a car that rejects 130 gCO2/km according to the NEDC cycle will suffer a penalty of 818 € from January to end of may 2020. In June, with the cycle WLTP, more severe, this same car will increase to about 160 g co2/km, which corresponds to a penalty equivalent in the new scale (therefore approximately 983 € starting from June 2020).

  • 110 gCO2/km : from January 2020 : eur 50 / from June 2020 : 0 €
  • 120 gCO2/km : from January 2020 : 260 € / from June 2020 : 0 €
  • 130 gCO2/km : from January 2020 : 818 € / from June 2020 : 0 €
  • 140 gCO2/km : from January 2020 : 1901 € / from June 2020 : 100 €
  • 150 gCO2/km : from January 2020 : 3790 € / from June 2020 : 310 €
  • 160 gCO2/km : from January 2020 : 6724 € / from June 2020 : 983 €
  • 170 gCO2/km : from January 2020 : 10980 € / from June 2020 : 2205 €
  • 180 gCO2/km : from January 2020 : 12500 € / from June 2020 : 4279 €
  • 190 gCO2/km : from January 2020 : 12500 € / from June 2020 : 7462 €
  • 200 gCO2/km : from January 2020 : 12500 € / from June 2020 : 12012 €
  • More than 200 gCO2/km : from January 2020 : 12500 € / from June 2020 : 12500 €

WRC 2020 : a farewell to Corsica, the calendar year 2020

Farewell to the Rally of Catalonia, Australia and Corsica : the three tests will not be present in 2020, to be replaced by those of Kenya, Japan and New Zealand. A way to internationalize the championship out a little more of Europe. Moreover, the dates of the Rallies of Germany and of Great Britain have been revised for the next season. The season 2020 will start on 26 next January, with, as is the tradition, the Rally of Monte-Carlo.

The calendar of the FIA World Rally Championship 2020

Le calendrier du FIA World Rally Championship 2020Start the slideshow
WRC | our photos of the rally of Corsica

Photo Credit – Jaanus Ree/Red Bull Content Pool

  • 26/01/20 : Rally of Monte-Carlo
  • 16/02/20 : Rally of Sweden
  • 15/03/20 : Rally of Mexico
  • 19/04/20 : Rally of Chile
  • 03/05/20 : Rally of Argentina
  • 24/05/20 : Rally of Portugal
  • 07/06/20 : the Sardinia Rally
  • 19/07/20 : Rally of Kenya
  • 09/08/20 : Rally Finland
  • 06/09/20 : Rally New Zealand
  • 27/09/20 : Rally of Turkey
  • 18/10/20 : Rally of Germany
  • 01/11/20 : Rally of Great Britain
  • 22/11/20 : Rally of Japan

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