Camping-car : 10 areas of services free of charge on the atlantic coast

Going on vacation to the aoûtiens, return to the juilletistes, unless the leave does not extend to the latter and in particular for the amateurs of camping-cars, which do not undergo the stress of rent at fixed dates. An extension of rest unexpected is commonplace when bringing her home in a back pack. The budget, itself, is not always extensible to infinity.

A quick trip to the beach ? A sample of the different spots of the Atlantic coast ? Day after day for the return journey, carefully avoiding the highway and the routes too direct, the motorhome is the opportunity to discover new horizons to enjoy this ride often dreaded holiday. Not in a hurry to return, it will always be more pleasant for them to take the time to explore what will can be the main destination for the following year.

Fuel and extra meals are to add to the note of the holiday in exchange for this detour along the ocean. For that it is not too salty, it can be worthwhile to not have to pay for parking or services areas dedicated to caravanning.

Sewage pump-out, electricity, all do not have all of the existing benefits, but access to some of them free, that is significant. Often a bit more remote coastal areas, pay some of them remain reasonably close, even right next to it.
So here are ten service areas for camping-cars of the atlantic coast that meet these criteria according to the specialized site i-campingcar.frto keep a foot in the vacation along the route.


The 10 stations of rv free

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Motor homes Tramp S695 : all the photos of the new camping-car German top of the range

Service areas for camping-cars free are not so many along the Atlantic ocean.Photo Credit – Shutterstock

85 – Vendée


D80 > Behind the town Hall

17 – Charente-maritime


D114 > Street Stage

17 – Charente-maritime


Castle street – commercial Area of The Morines

17 – Charente-maritime


Place du Champ de Foire – Behind Church

17 – Charente-maritime


Village center

17 – Charente-maritime


D17 > Route de Bordeaux > Old station

33 – Gironde


D1E8 – Street of the Fountains

33 – Gironde


D106 – Claouey

33 – Gironde


D650 – Boulevard Mestrézat

33 – Gironde


Alley Albert Pitres

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Opel electric and hybrid : the sellers under tension ?

According to the european governments, the electric is the future. Manufacturers are increasingly this discourse, as their range is électrise. Commercial speech logic, but that does not necessarily mean it is for them an ecological basis. They want to meet the threshold of emission of CO2 average for the whole of their range and not have to pay a fine substantial in the event of an overflow. In 2021, this threshold will be 95 g/km and every extra gram will be sanctioned from 95 € multiplied by the number of units passed. And regarding electric cars, the CO2 emissions emitted prior to the use of the vehicle are not taken into account. In these conditions, the brands were quick to turn “green”.

Even if the market tends to expand, the models battery-do not represent the bulk of sales. Opel intends to make progress quickly. Vendors have instructed to carry out 8 % of purchase orders with cars, electrified, of which 3 % of Corsa-e and 5 % of Grandland X HYbrid4 according to the website German Autohaus. If they fail to do this, the “bonus quality” of the concessions concerned would be removed.


Rates that repels

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Opel Corsa-e | the official photos of the all-new electric urban car

The Opel Grandland X HYbrid4 requires a minimum of 47 750 €.Photo Credit – Opel

The association of German dealers of Opel, VODH, highly doubt the sales potential of these variants to price high and wants to be able to go back on this decision. The city Corsa-e is displayed from 29 900 € (a bonus of € 6,000 is to be deducted in France), compared to 14 600 € for the first prize in essence.
The Grandland X HYbrid4 request at least 47 750 € when his counterpart 100 % lead-free presents to over 20,000 € less expensive, 26 600 €. Despite high levels of powers and equipment below, these differences do not turn to the advantage of these two unprecedented for the brand in the blitz.

The case of trade in their favour will need to be reviewed. In addition to extolling the merits, they will have to pass before the thermal models to have a chance of achieving their new goal. If you are in doubt about the environmental benefits of the electric, you can always make a move for Opel, the brand you will surely be very grateful to have a changed energy, regardless of the reason.

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Porsche 996 Turbo S cabriolet : the best deal in the world is on eBay

The cabriolet has a particular charm, even if some will prefer the coupe version for the purity of its lines. The model visible on theeBay listing has rear lights upgraded, including signature LED light is reminiscent of the Porsche 911 type 997 Phase II.

The seller ensures that the car is very well maintained (like all vendors), and it displays a mileage of 90,000 miles or 150,000 km. Not to worry, a flat 6-cylinder Porsche 911, well looked after, may browse through the double without any problem. This american model is equipped with the Tiptronic 6-speed, which also limits the risk of over-plan.

The tires are new, spare key is available, as well as the manual of origin. A stereo system, modern has been installed in place of the original equipment in the dashboard, the car has so now Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The seller would like to exchange in person and a payment in cash of 42.900 $ (38.500 €) but the price is negotiable. If there is no hidden defect, this 996 Turbo S cabriolet is one of the best business 911 of opportunity in the world !


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Rimac C_Two : the missile electric announced at the Private Lounge 2019

The Rimac C_Two is designed as a pure GT power and used the knowledge acquired thanks to the Rimac Concept_One, presented for the first time at the Salon Privé in London in 2012. The same event has naturally been selected to present the first model of series C_Two between 5 and 8 September 2019.


Rimac has managed to hold its own in the game

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Rimac C_Two | photos of the hypercar 100% electric

Photo Credit – Rimac

The directors of the Private Lounge are delighted to announce the launch of the hypercar very much expected when editing 2019, with the return of Rimac Automobili, which will therefore present its new C_Two. In the vein of the contest of elegance in the English style, Salon Privé is an event dedicated to the automobile exception and collection, offering various exhibitions and activities, as well as a competition of elegance, all in the beautiful setting of Blenheim Palace, near London.

In less than 10 years, Rimac Automobili, based in Croatia, has become a reference in the area of electric cars, high performance, creating not only its own hypercars, but also developing technological solutions comprehensive to car manufacturers as prestigious as Porsche, Aston Martin, Automobili Pininfarina or Koenigsegg.

David Bagley, co-founder and sales director, said that the technological partnerships obtained with these known brands, were an “incredible achievement in itself,” especially in so little time. Porsche AG, and Hyundai Motor Group have become minority shareholders of Rimac Automobili in the past two years.


A technical data sheet that gives the dizzy

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Rimac C_Two | photos of the hypercar 100% electric

Photo Credit – Rimac

Mate Rimac, owner of the brand, has announced no boasting whatever : “Our car is the hypercar the fastest, most exciting and most technologically advanced ever built”, it is what it is. If the speech is that of a parent proud of his baby, the numbers are there to silence the critics. In particular, with a maximum speed of 412 km/h and an incredible 0 to 100 km/h which passes under the bar of 2 seconds. The bodies of the occupants of the C_Two are compressed to 1.85 seconds on the 0 to 100 km/h, then the speed continues to increase at the same time as the brain collapses to the back of the skull, with the continued acceleration throughout the cycle at full throttle. The car reached 300 km/h in 11,8 seconds.

These performances of the first order, defying all competition, are possible thanks to the new generation of the R-AWTV (All Wheel Torque Vectoring), which controls the crack-up of the torque on the 4 wheels through four electric motors. The tires are obviously mandatory. It takes at least that to operate the 1407 kW (1887 ch) linear power and 2 300 Nm of torque. Level technical basis, the Rimac C_Two is built around a monocoque structure in carbon fibre with carbon roof bonded. His farm of 120 kWh of energy and 1.4 MW of power has a thermal management point to exploit it fully.

The Rimac C_Two joined the Tesla Roadster and Lotus Evija in the club of the electric cars that accelerate harder. 2.1 seconds for the 0 to 100 km/h, even with 1.9 seconds to the model of the “Space X” in the case of the u.s., and less than 3 seconds announced for the English. The delivery of the 150 models of Rimac C_Two should begin at the dawn of 2020.

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Dacia Duster : a new gasoline engine of 100 hp

The TCe 100 replaces the motor-SCe 115 and thus added to an already complete. Two diesel engines and two petrol engines, all 4 cylinders, are already available on the adventurer of the trademark “access” of the Renault group.


Consumption contained for an entry-level engine

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Dacia Duster : the price of the new petrol engines

Photo Credit – Dacia

The Tec 100 is the entry range of the offers engine at the lead-free on the Dacia Duster. It comes to be placed below the Tec 130 and Tec 150, and will only be available with two-wheel drive. The power of 100 bhp and torque of 160 Nm of this new gasoline engine is not sufficient to move a vehicle too heavy, the 4-wheel drive were banned. This engine of 1.0 is associated with a mechanical gearbox 5-speed and consumes 18% less than the SCe 115 that it replaces.

Two finishes are available with this new engine :

  • Access TCe 100 4×2 at 12.490 €
  • Essential Tec 100 4×2 for 14.500 €.

The combined consumption of the Tec 100 is estimated at between 5.5 and 5.6 l/100 km and the CO2 emissions are contained to below 127 g/km.

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Supercars, jetcars : at the end of the counter

A kilometre an hour just to retrieve a record. Bentley boasted of owning the SUV the fastest in the world with its Bentayaga Speed, capable of reaching a top speed of 306 km/h, km/h faster than the Lamborghini Urus. In other spheres, it is also a matter of cross bearing, of the accounts round. Closer to the ground, more aerodynamic, they exceed the limits of reasonableness and are not actually usable in “normal” conditions. Some supercars playing the title of the fastest car in the world and who have very normal thing.

A rare species that will soon see the arrival of a new specimen, the SSC Tuatara, at the Monterey Car Week, in California, from 9 to August 18, 2019. On the 16th of August at 12: 10 pm (local time), precisely, the keys will be handed over to its first owner, one year after the presentation of the beast to the public, during the competition of elegance of Pebble Beach, a major event in this Monterey Car Week.

SSC has any legitimacy to proposing a model ultra-fast after its Ultimate Aero in 2007, momentarily holding the speed record with 412 km/h. The manufacturer is Shelby SuperCars, created by the american Jerod Shelby and that has nothing to do with the brand, cobra. SSC, it is also an acronym for SuperSonic Car and the Tuatara wants to exceed the mark of 300 mph, be 482,8 km/h.

For this, it has a V8 5.9 twin turbo 1 350 hp when it is powered to the lead-free. With the E85 ethanol in the veins, it spits out 1 750 ch 8-800 tr/min to 1247 kg empty.


Objective 300… mph

Objectif 300… mph

The Bugatti Chiron is limited to 420 km/h and is part of the series cars the fastest in the world. Its exterior finish as the inside is in tune.Photo Credit – Bugatti

On his route, another american, the Venom F5, second fully-fledged model of the preparer Hennessey. Planned for 2020, it has the same goal of 300 mph. The 500 km/h, more if distant, have even been mentioned. 1 622 horses will be deployed to achieve it, drawn once again to a V8 twin turbo, a little bigger with 7.4 liters of displacement.
The eight-cylinder in V are also found under the hood of Koenigsegg. The Swedish manufacturer still holds the current record speed for a production car, set to 447 km/h the Agera RS and its 1 360 hp (V8 5.0 biturbo) and less than 1 400 kg. An average speed in the two passages of which the fastest was go to 457 km/h. It was in 2017.

Another missile of the asphalt, the more massive, heavier, mechanically more impressive : the Bugatti Chiron, as well as a block W16 8.0 quadriturbo of 1 500 horses. Total weight, nearly two tons. The tip speed is reduced formally to 420 km/h. In fact, a limit on e to preserve the tires. Its predecessor, the Veyron Super Sport 1200 hp before the new Agera RS in the book of records, reaching 431 km/h. Without the flange, the Chiron, surely, is not completely surpassed by its competitors “craft”. Whatever it is, its counter is graduated up to 500 km/h…

With this art work mounted on four wheels, the repository is not the same. Although the figures are slightly below the values of the american and Swedish raised, the beautiful Molsheim cares for the smallest detail, is mindful of the holding in time of each element, leaves nothing to chance, and is raising his level of requirement in all areas at the height of its extreme velocity. Most importantly, she is able to offer these services on a production set at 500 copies.
Respectively, the SSC Tuatara, the Hennessey Venom F5 and the Koenigsegg Agera RS will not exist or will not exist 100, 24, and 25 units, 149 in total, the interior finish is sometimes light years ahead of that of the alsatian.


Absolute Record

Record absolu

The Thrust SSC holds the current world record speed for a spacecraft land rolling : nearly 1 228 km/h.Photo Credit – Shutterstock

As for the two of us for 300 mph, the speed and performance are the most important, it does not become so delusional to compare them to any other category of vehicles, the jetcars. Equipped with a jet fighter, only capable of rolling in a straight line and primarily observed in the drag races, the 400 or even 500 km/h do not fear, and the comparison stops there. They are just a handful of seconds, more of the same world.

Their best representative is called the Thrust SSC. Without report with the Tuatara, we are talking here about “car thrust supersonic”, literally. Its cockpit is surrounded by two huge turbojets with a total of 106 000 horses. It is the keeper’s current speed record for a spacecraft land rolling on the ground, beyond the sound barrier with a peak of 1 228 km/h (0.015 km/h near), made in the Nevada desert in 1997.

The british team to its origin, began preparing a new attempt in 2008. Administrative problems have stopped the project originally named Bloodhound SSC, taken over this year by Grafton, a company created by Ian Warhurst in order to restart the machine. Therefore, the Bloodhound LSR (Land Speed Record).
Lens 1 000 mph, corresponding to about 1 609 km/h. To succeed the feat, a turbojet is associated with a rocket engine, itself fed with fuel by a V8 petrol… The two reactors accumulate 135 000 horsepower. Tests to look relatively more moderate will take place before the run final, potentially achievable by 2020, in South Africa.

A place chosen for its space is wide enough and allowing in spite of all the telecommunications. At this level, the road is not enough and an SSC Tuatara or Hennessey Venom F5 have they also struggle to find a ribbon long enough to roll up to near 500 km/h. A collaboration with the authorities is needed to close the lanes to traffic.

Develop an SUV, that would be overkill to counter the mass onboard and the aero anti-sports, a category where the speed seems to be even more or less available, make him earn a kilometer an hour on a circuit, a track plane or a German autobahn not too cluttered, it is still frankly easier to get a record. 1 609 ? 500 ? Let’s say 307 km/h, and a small signature on the Guinness book.

Nakamichi returns to the american market of car audio with a car stereo CarPlay

There are a couple of the year, the brand Nakamichi was widely recognized for the quality of its car stereos. Although the brand is no longer on the front of the stage, the license is still operated by a chinese company, offering a complete range of car audio. Nakamichi is going to make his return on the u.s. market, with new handsets, including one model dedicated to Smartphones.

Renault F1 : the map Alain Prost

The season 2019 of Formula 1 is far from being completed, already known as one of the Renault Formula One Team will not be good, not to say catastrophic, with currently a 11th place a provisional drivers ‘championship for Ricciardo, a 14th-place for Hulkenberg and a 6th in the constructors’ championship, behind Toro Rosso, and especially McLaren that Renault provides the engines.

It is thus high time for the French manufacturer to put of the order and the appointment of a man of the caliber of Alain Prost in the position of non-executive director, in place of Thierry Bolloré, goes in the right direction.

The driver to the 51 victories in F1 will in particular be in charge of the program strategy F1 Renault but will also have its word to say about the recruitment of pilots or even the validation of the contracts and budgets to come. The Professor, came recently to the board of directors of Renault Sport technologies Racing Ltd, will work with the team already in place, including Jérôme Stoll, and Cyril Abiteboul, but also the chief financial officer of the Renault Group Thierry Cognet.

And the least we can say is that Alain Prost is going to have a job in the weeks and months to come. Whether it is renewal or change of the drivers at Diamond, or even money that Renault F1 will be ready to put on the table for the next season of F1…

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Cadillac XT5 : update light to the best-selling brand

The XT5 Cadillac comes to be placed in an intermediate segment between the XT6, the model of the brand with three rows of seats, and the XT4, recently launched. The small SUV is offered with finishes Luxury, Premium Luxury and Sport. If the first two are typed comfort, the Sport trim is designed to offer more sensations and a driving experience more exciting, with a very direct and adjustments chassis aggressive, that are supposed to give the driver a better control of the vehicle. The model Premium Luxury makes him focus on the bright colors and the siding are modern, while the atmosphere is more raw and dark in the XT5 Sport.


Light restyling outside

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Cadillac XT5 | the official photos of The crossover model 2020

Photo Credit – Cadillac

The new grille is available in two different aspects of it to stick better to the identity of each finish. The LED lights with the technology IntelliBeam are installed standard on all versions, the skirts, lower front and rear have also been updated. New 18-inch wheels appear trim is standard on Luxury and Premium Luxury, while the XT5 Sport is equipped with new 20-inch rims (optional on the other trims). A set Platinum, offering the best of what the brand can offer is available on all finishes.


A new engine is more reasonable

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Cadillac XT5 | the official photos of The crossover model 2020

Photo Credit – Cadillac

The 4-cylinder 2.0 Turbo Cadillac is the new standard engine versions, Luxury and Premium Luxury. This engine completes the range, in addition to the V6 3.6 already existing, for his series on the XT5 Sport and available as an option on the Premium Luxury. These two engines are associated with an automatic transmission with nine speeds and also use direct injection, the deactivation of the cylinders and the start and stop automatic to maximize fuel savings.

The engine 2.0 is equipped with a turbocharger is new and provides an output of 237 hp and a torque of 350 Nm. The V6 3.6 develops its side 310 horsepower and a torque of 367 Nm. Originally equipped with on the XT5 Sport, we find him associated in the Sport Control AWD, the suspension adaptive damping continuously, at a capacity of turning more incisive and 20-inch wheels.


Interior finishing and technology improved

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Cadillac XT5 | the official photos of The crossover model 2020

Photo Credit – Cadillac

The standard specification of the Cadillac XT5 includes a color touch screen of 8 inches with the in-car navigation and susceptibility of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, an access point Wi-Fi is also now associated with a paid subscription.

In the interior of the new XT5, the central console is redesigned, the front seats are now heated in series, and the acoustic insulation is improved. Level embedded technologies, the XT5 has a new audio system, Bose Performance Series and technologies infotainment and driver assistance features. More than 20 technologies of safety and driver assistance make their appearance in the image of the pedestrian detection, front / rear, back-up camera HD or Night Vision (infrared camera).

Prices have not yet been communicated to the French market. The XT5 will be available in the 7 concessions Cadillac French at the end of the year.

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