Test the pick-up Ford Ranger Raptor : “Yiiihaaa!”

By observing laid on a dune of fine sand, azure blue sea in the background, the Ranger Raptor boasts proudly of its new mouth to eat mud and sand. It must be said that its grille is widely, it is appropriate to say, inspired by the F-150 Raptor. The shoe aluminum color says a lot about his ability to never get hurt and the wheel wells in composites is to him a gain of 16.8 cm in width. Of walking-feet, struck with the logo Raptor and black rims 17 inch the also characterized. The curtain-dump optimized to minimize the efforts (66% in less than even if, in reality, it is always necessary to a good shot of the arm) and the hitch to tow 2.6 tonnes are mounted in series. The Raptor is finally proposed in the Blue Ford Performance, history does not forget that it is occupied (also available in grey)


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Ford Ranger Raptor | our photos of the trial of the pick-up

Photo Credit – Autonews

Do you remember, as a small, pull out your mower, or established toy to do as dad, which he played with his tools on a scale of 1 ? Climb aboard the Ranger Raptor reminds us a little of that feeling in the face of the F-150 Raptor. Everything is smaller, more cute somewhere. But he claims when even his little muscles with tattoos Raptor on the steering wheel and the seats. These are alcantara please (and sand moroccan at the end of 3 miles of the shot…), surpiqués of the blue Performance, at both the front and rear. The Raptor is presented only in the version with the double cab. The paddles on the steering wheel are made of aluminum and unique on the market of pickup even if the low reactivity of the box to make them more aesthetic than anything else. The hoop is also marked with a red marker to the zero point, a detail to be quite useful as one is led to guidonner when the rear wags a lot.


At the wheel

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Ford Ranger Raptor | our photos of the trial of the pick-up

Photo Credit – Autonews

At the time of taking the wheel of the Dromaeosauridae (it was necessary to place a time anyway), we were already a little disappointed to know that it is animated in the same block Diesel 2.0 biturbo 213 hp automatic transmission 10 reports of the Ranger that we already know. What’s more is Ford’s Performance was not equipped with an exhaust system that glougloute a little history of altering a sound of machine construction. For the mad as a texan, the engineers have focused primarily on trains : the ground clearance is higher (+5.1 cm), the disk brakes are stronger and the shock signed Fox Racing have a race much more extensive (+32% on the front and + 18% on the rear). Their technology called “Position Sensitive Damping” allow us to stay flexible when they are little used and offer more resistance at the time when the deflection increases (when the texan what). The pickup is also now on enormous tyres, BF Goodrich at 285/70. When the driving mode Baja, inspired from the F-150 Raptor, it optimizes everything that can be for a maximum fun at the wheel.

All of these changes allow the Ranger to Raptor, not moving over large obstacles that would be capable of Storing a traditional, but to spend more quickly. On the sand beaches and dense of Morocco, and as there were no rocks to climb, it is quite simple, we were at the bottom of the pedal almost all the time ! The Ranger was nice to have a distribution with 50/50 torque, even the concept of a pick up truck with a dumpster empty and a rear “light” also makes it very player. Especially on slippery surface, and this is really where these devices are fun to ride. Even my younger binomial, which did not dare too let go at the beginning, and quickly felt confident. We had both the banana is to long drifts, and other donuts on the beaches, with the cry of the yankee : “yiihaaaa” !

When real difficulties arise, such as the big rock, the Ranger Raptor the eats slowly like a paleontologist who is said to have approached too closely. This is achieved by the adjustment of box short, differential lock rear or to assist in the descent in addition to the 3 modes of pipes optimising the traction according to the surface. Nothing can stop or almost as much as its ground clearance raised has consistently increased its angle of attack and flight (+3.1% in the front and +3% to the rear). At the beginning we get a little head in the shoulder and then after a few miles we said without stopping : “pfff this goes on I’m sure…”. And for it to pass.


Who is it for ?

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Ford Ranger Raptor | our photos of the trial of the pick-up

Photo Credit – Autonews

If you need a pickup for its practical aspects, or its capacities of crossing, a Ranger, a conventional is already very well work. The Ranger Raptor caters to those who want to do the same thing but a little faster. Is this the 10 000 extra to align its justified ? Let’s say that it is a purchase favorite, if one also takes into account side collector and a little hast thou seen.


Balance sheet and rate

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Ford Ranger Raptor | our photos of the trial of the pick-up

Photo Credit – Autonews

Passing in front of the ruins of Bordj El Berod, which legend has it that Jimmy Hendrix has been the inspiration for his song “Castles Made of Sand” (shouting in background in our Store), one thing is sure : the Raptor is the only pickup in our market to claim a sporting vocation. In the competition, there are models that are better equipped with a snorkel and various accessories. The Ranger Raptor has, as well as a major asset to push the cursor to pleasure several notches to bring it closer to a F-150 Raptor that we will never have with us. The bill is still salt, count 56 550 euros in the end. And it is a minimum since the pick-ups double cab will be submitted on 1 July to a penalty additional ecological up to 10 500 euros for the Ranger. Ford limit the damage by integrating now into its network of 400 copies of the Raptor, which will not be subject to the new law. But you’ll understand, if you want to make you happy, no hanging around !

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Brabus 800 at Top Marques Monaco : all the photos of the dragster

The new Brabus 800, presented in avant-première, may 30, at the Top Marques show in Monaco, is no exception to the rule, as Brabus is to pass its V8 4.0 bi-turbo 639 800 hp !

The black dress of the Brabus cache of cosmetic changes rather discreet as the 4 round tailpipes which surround a rear diffuser in carbon fiber. Beautiful rims forged Monoblock Z “Platinum Edition” 10-spoke 21-inch front and 22-inch rear wheels complete the look “full black” with details in carbon fibre of the car. All logos identifying the brand with the star are, of course, be replaced by the “B” Brabus on the outside as well as inside, where a grained leather in black that wraps around the seats.

The V8 engine bi-turbo of 4.0 has been optimized by engineers Brabus with the increase of the performance of the powertrain PowerXtra B40S-800 through two new turbochargers, high-performance Brabus. They have a maximum boost pressure of 1.6 bar. Tests on road and track have been carried out in parallel tests on engine test bench for arriving at this impressive power. The software to manage the new settings of the turbos is introduced in the unit of electronic management of the engine by a control unit of the auxiliary plug-and-play Brabus PowerXtra. This results in an increase of power of 161 hp and an increase in the torque of 100 Nm.

The new power of the Brabus 800 is an 800 hp at 6 600 rpm and a maximum torque of 1 000 Nm at 3 600 r/min. The grand coupe 4-door, sleek and sporty wins not less than 0.3 seconds on the exercise of the 0 to 100 km/h compared to the Mercedes AMG-GT 63 S. The beast, therefore, puts only 2.9 seconds to reach the bar of 100 km/h, while the AMG-GT 63 S reaches the same speed of 3.2 seconds.


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Moto GP : at what time and on which channel to see the Italian Grand Prix ?

After two victories in the Grand Prix of Spain and then of France there are fifteen days on the Bugatti circuit of le Mans, Marc Marquez will attempt the pass of three this weekend in Italy on the circuit of Mugello.

The TV program

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Grand Prix de France Moto GP | our pictures of the Pitbabes in the paddock

Photo Credit – Gold & Goose/Red Bull Content Pool

A weekend of Grand Prix broadcast in its entirety in the channels of the Canal+ group from the free practice to the race, passing by the Moto 2 and Moto 3 ! The broadcast will be shared between Canal+ Sport and Canal as you can see below :

  • Free practice 3 – Saturday, June 1 at 9: 55 Canal+ Sport
  • Free practice 4 – Saturday, June 1 at 13: 30) – Canal+ Sport
  • Qualifications – Saturday, June 1 at 14h10 – Canal+ Sport
  • Warm Up – Sunday, June 2 at 9: 40am – Canal+ Sport
  • Race – Sunday 2 June to 14 hours – Canal+

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Lexus RX : restyling techno for the SUV japanese

The SUV RX is the luxury brand of Toyota refines its style after its debut four years ago in its fourth generation. A restyling light, but accentuates the dynamic lines. The optical become less thick to widen the grille to the character always marked. The side air vents of the shield, in its lower part, are also gaining in size. Changes more visible than in the back where the lights are the main change with a new light signature.


New ergonomic inner

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Lexus RX | the official photos of the restyling 2019

The arrival of the touch-screen multimedia improves the ergonomics of the Lexus.Photo Credit – Lexus

Lexus finally decides to propose an alternative to its touchpad control the multimedia system. A bit counter-intuitive, it is completed in option by a screen now touch-sensitive 12.3-inch. The series remains small, with a diagonal of 8 inches. It is possible to connect the phone with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. They allow you to use the voice command, remote in the cabin. The instrumentation incorporates the latest version of the range, leaving more space for digital.


Dynamism up

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Lexus RX | the official photos of the restyling 2019

The new headlights LED adaptive innovation in their functioning. The lighting control full permanent lighthouse is supposed to become more accurate.Photo Credit – Lexus

The biggest changes on this Lexus RX restyled are not. It accentuates its dynamism by means of sway bars, wider and now hollow. Suspension intended to reduce vibration at high frequencies due to small imperfections of the pavement are introduced.

Of series, the SUV is team pack Lexus Safety System+, including the detection of pedestrians and cyclists, the retention in the channel with alert if the output of file and recognition of traffic signs.

Headlights full LED innovate with a new technology of adaptive light named BladeScan and using two mirrors that rotate at high speed and a lens to manage the surface of the light cover on the road by synchronizing with the ignition controlled different LED optics.

The Lexus RX five-and seven-seat rework will be arriving in August 2019.

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Maserati 8CTF “Boyle Special” : the Trident is celebrating the 80 years of the victory in the Indianapolis 500

For the occasion, the Maserati 8CTF dresses new dress dark red that she wore during its glorious days with its inscription ”Boyle Special”. It is one of the three cars built, chassis number 3032, currently exhibited at the Indianapolis Speedway Museum.

History of the 8CTF

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Maserati 8CTF | the Trident celebrates 80 years of the victory in the 500 Miles of Indianapolis

Photo Credit – Maserati

In 1937, an Italian industrialist by the name of Adolfo Orsi took over Maserati, then in financial difficulty. He employs his son as the director-general but retains three of the brothers Maserati in contract engineering for a period of ten years.

This purchase allows the brothers Maserati to concentrate on the manufacture of new models of competition. The rules of 1938 on the Grand Prix cars had changed drastically the characteristics of the competition cars of the time. The engines are then limited to 3.0 when they have the benefit of a supercharger, while the engine in the air are limited to 4.5 cubic capacity. The weight of the vehicles had up until then be content below 750 kg, it will now be set to a minimum value as a function of the displacement. Given their long experience with turbocharged engines, the brothers Maserati have opted for the first solution. A new eight-cylinder engine has thus been developed on the basis of the engine of the 4CM 1500.



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Maserati 8CTF | the Trident celebrates 80 years of the victory in the 500 Miles of Indianapolis

Photo Credit – Maserati

The eight-cylinder 3-litre uses a cylinder head fixed or ‘testa fissa’, which will give its name to the car “8CTF”. This configuration allows for higher compression and eliminates the presence of a cylinder head gasket, giving the engine a robustness of the whole non-negligible competition. Two carburettors and two compressors Roots are placed on the engine, which produces 350 hp, then it will be improved to reach 365 hp. The set is connected to a manual transmission 4-speed + reverse, for a total weight of 780 kg and a top speed around 290 km/h.



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Maserati 8CTF | the Trident celebrates 80 years of the victory in the 500 Miles of Indianapolis

Photo Credit – Maserati

The Maserati 8CTF won the Indianapolis 500 in 1939 with the young Warren Wilbur Shaw at the wheel (27 years old). He travels the 500 miles at an average speed to an impressive 185 km/h for a time of 4 hours and 20 minutes. The trident wins then the eyes of the public its letters of nobility, and confirms the quality of his car the following year with a second victory of Shaw at the wheel. The car carries the name of “Boyle Special” because the car belongs to the team’boyle Racing out of Chicago, owned by the businessman, irish Michael Joseph “Mike” Boyle. The brilliant career of this car which is not limited to the Indianapolis 500, will be completed in 1950 with the inability of Bill Vulcanich to qualify the car for 500 miles this year.

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Rally WRC Portugal : at what time and on what channel to watch the ES 7 of the 31 may ?

After the rally of Chile won by Tänak, the WRC returns to Europe. In Portugal more precisely. Sébastien Ogier on his Citroën C3 will attempt to keep its place as the leader in the standings. He has 10 points ahead of Tanak and 12 points on Neuville. Sebastien Loeb is sixth with 39 points.


The ES7 may 31 on tv

L’ES7 du 31 mai à la télévision

Go to 20 hours for the first special stage of the Rally of Portugal televisedPhoto Credit – Jaanus Ree/Red Bull Content Pool

In France it’s Canal+ who owns the rights to broadcast the Rally WRC. The encrypted string broadcasts three special during the weekend, including the special n°7 Friday, may 31. A retransmission which starts at 20 hours on Canal+ Sport. Saturday, June 1, Canal+ Sport will provide live coverage of the ES 11 from 16 hours and the Power Stage on Sunday from 13: 05.

A car radio, CarPlay and Android “plug and play” for the Clio 4 at Pioneer

The SPH-EV062DAB-Clio is compatible with Renault Clio 4 from 2012 to 2019. This Pioneer system comes with the necessary accessories for mounting ” plug and play “. All models of the Clio 4 is concerned : clim manual, clim auto, all types of aerators… With this tablet Pioneer of 6.8 inches, it benefits from all the technology high-tech for its Clio 4. This position, Pioneer has the CarPlay and Android Auto, to tap their Smartphone on the screen of the car radio. You can use Waze and Spotify directly on the car radio. Of course, via Bluetooth, it also has the voice command, Google Voice for Android, and Siri for the iPhone. We also note the presence of DAB tuner to receive digital radio. Via the USB port, it can read the music and video in all formats, including FLAC and DivX. For the traditional functions, the SPH-EV062DAB-Clio has a RDS tuner, FM radio, amplifier 4×50 Watts, eq, line outputs, an input back-up camera, the resumption of steering wheel controls… optionally, through specific interfaces, you can retrieve the hi-fi system to the origin, and the USB/AUX original. You can also add an optional IR remote. In short, a multimedia car radio at the top for the Clio 4 !

Ferrari SF90 Stradale : all the pictures of the 1st supercar in plug-in hybrid

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