Test NIU NGT : electric scooter 2-in-1 for the city and beyond

Its modern look and urban functions of connected peak, the NIU NGT is an electric scooter that is very promising and full of benefits, both on the road and in terms of on-board equipment. We took him on the circuit JP Beltoise in Trappes, on the occasion of a double test, NGT -, and M+ Sport in the company of the team NIU. It is left for a few laps of a track !

NIU NGT : a look that’s half-sympathetic half-sport

NIU NGT : un look mi-sympathique mi-sportStart the slideshow
NIU NGT | our photos of the electric scooter in test

A look that’s both “cute” and urban/sporty for the NIU NGTPhoto Credit – Men’s UP

Contact the NIU NGT, it is, of course, the sleek, attractive look of the electric scooter that appeals to us first. The bands “racing” shells exterior scooter chinese go perfectly with clean lines, whose slight rounded corners are not without transport us in a universe of old-school japanese (you know, those sports japanese Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and others, 1980), while taking care to breathe modernity. Gloss finishes, flagship round distinctive, finishes…everything is designed to give you a very nice quality perceived. And it works ! Handles passenger on the digital instrumentation, the NIU NGT is certainly a beautiful electric scooter.


Connected and equipped

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NIU NGT | our photos of the electric scooter in test

The NIU NGT is highly equipped and connectedPhoto Credit – Men’s UP

Even before the attack on the engine and driving, we are pleasantly surprised by the many strengths of small electric scooter. The NIU NGT is adorned with instrumentation, all digital, more than complete, but also a LED lights, a USB port, functions, connected, driving modes, cruise control…and all of this series ! Side connectivity, the mobile app dedicated to the scooter allows you to geolocate precisely and in real time (the scooters on the circuit moved on the map of the application in front of our eyes), but also to have a precise monitoring of the condition of the vehicle (battery, maximum speed reached, diagnosis express). Features effective and well-integrated, useful in everyday life. The regulator, which is active even at very low speeds, is stable and intuitive to use, practical for small trips in urban areas !


Comfort and performance

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NIU NGT | our photos of the electric scooter in test

70km/h for peak and 100 km of autonomy in Sport !Photo Credit – Men’s UP

And the surprise continues ! Powered by a motor-BOSCH 3000 W, NIU NGT offers agility surprising in a standing start. The torque at the rear wheel is instant, and the little 125cc climbs fast enough speed to reach its 70 km/h top speed (we even took 81 km/h during the test ! Good…slope, and with a nice gust of wind in the back. Agree. With its modes Sport (maximum power), Dynamic (compromise power and autonomy for urban use) and E-Save (to foster self-reliance and reach nearly 160km), the NIU NGT is certainly versatile and fun to ride. CBS braking combined (which we would have liked a bit more bite) and hydraulic suspensions, adjustable (nice absorption of the small asperities of the road) come to perfect the part cycle reliable and safe of the electric scooter. What to ensure agility and safety in the city than on the highway. Add in a selle bi-place, padded and comfortable, and the NGT will transport you in peace !


Battery and autonomy : a scooter 2-in-1

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NIU NGT | our photos of the electric scooter in test

The batteries are removable and compatible fast chargingPhoto Credit – Men’s UP

Finally, the supply side, what are two batteries, Panasonic Lithium-ion battery of 2100 Wh each load to give the juice to the NIU NGT. Arranged under the seat and under the floor, they can both be recharged at the same time through their dual charger. Then simply around 3: 30 to retrieve 100km autonomy through the fast charge. But why 2-in-1 then ? It’s simple : the NIU NGT can run on a single battery, which of course reduces battery life, but also turn the vehicle into a 50cc ! A purpose which can adapt to your needs, perfect for small trips in the city in particular. Note that with a weight content of 11kg by battery, they are easily portable for you to charge.


Prices and premiums of the NIU NGT

Prix et primes du NIU NGTStart the slideshow
NIU NGT | our photos of the electric scooter in test

Premiums and bonuses are drastically lower the price of the NIU NGT !Photo Credit – Men’s UP

In short, the NIU NGT is an electric scooter a particularly good at any point : the motor is powerful and responsive for road, scooter, agile and perfect for the city, look nice and racy, with a fine equipment of series. Perfectly suited to those who need to get out of the city, the small 125cc chinese giant’s will not have any trouble to get a place ! Sold at a price of 4 499 euros, it enjoys a premium status of 900 euros, and 400 euros extra of the Region of Île-de-France if you live in Paris, that is 1 300 euro less expensive (final price 3 199 euros). If you are a professional, you will benefit from 1 500 euros…in addition to the premium of the state : either -2 400 euros to a final price of 2 099€! Then, when your NIU ?

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Pick-up Ford Raptor “Fastball” by Jimco Racing : baseball otherwise

The Ford F-150 Raptor standard was not enough for Bobby Patton, owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, very famous baseball team american. Him, has a more radical pick-up. A version prepared by Jimco Racing for the mad race mexican off-road Baja 1 000. The engine is american but change badge. It is a V8 LS3 Chevrolet reviewed by Danzio Performance, and in excess of 850 horsepower.


Ball blue size XXL

Balle bleue taille XXLStart the slideshow
The “Fastball” by Jimco Racing | the official photos of the pick-up extreme

Body Ford, engine Chevrolet, the “Fastball” doubts nothingPhoto Credit – Jimco Racing

Well hung on the suspensions signed Fox, their travel seem to be foolproof. 66 cm at the front, 81 cm at the rear. And the wheels take through the tires to 40 inches. The 17-inch wheels seem small in their centre.

The painting reproduces the blue color of the team of the Dodgers and proudly displays the name of the model on its flanks : “Fastball”. The bucket came from Jimco also and it is, furthermore, much of the series. The kind of monster of near 2.50 meters wide, nothing can stop them. Move aside you, the stroke of the bat are likely to be severe.

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Auto turn 2019 : interview video with Olivier Dufour, pilot, Lancia Stratos Stradale

The Tour Auto is not just a parade of beautiful cars old. It is also, for some drivers, the opportunity to engage in a beautiful battle on the roads of France, in particular during the stages on the circuits. Without doubt, the Lancia Stratos Stradale will not give its share to the dogs. We met a happy owner of this model legendary, Olivier Dufour. Check out our video interview exclusive, filmed Monday April 29, at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Prices of gasoline and diesel fuel : it does not stop climbing !

Launched in 2006, Autonews is a reference site about the news a car with records, tests, reports on major trade fairs in the sector, but also an openness towards new forms of mobility. Autonews is the pillar of the vertical “auto,” the group’s Horyzon since 2016.

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BMW : to know all about their hybrid technology iPerformance

For the hybrid at BMW it all starts with an i. The sides of the “Series” as usual, a new range parallel has emerged in 2013 with the electric urban car i3, to be followed a year later by a sports coupe 2+2 for the less futuristic, the plug-in hybrid i8. Of their developments, BMW have learned from experience to put to use for the electrification of its usual range. Thus were born the versions “iPerformance”, replacing the “ActiveHybrid”. These last could not be charged up to a terminal, this is no longer the case under the new name. The autonomies in all-electric systems are significantly enhanced.

iPerformance what is it ?

iPerformance c’est quoi ?Start the slideshow
BMW X5 xDrive45e | our pictures at the Geneva motor show 2019

Photo Credit – BMW

Put the points on the “i”. A BMW iPerformance uses electricity – which explains the presence of the label “eDrive” on the rear pillars of these models, and the small “e” next to the end of their name – but not only. There is always a thermal engine under the hood. So we speak of the hybrid.

The plug-in hybrid, more specifically, also called “plug-in hybrid”. In short, it is possible to drive only on electricity for several tens of kilometres using batteries larger than on a hybrid non-rechargeable. To do this simply connect to a charging station or a household outlet.

At BMW, the electrical is only associated with petrol engines. Two architectures are available.

  • The first team the majority of the offers hybrid of the premium manufacturer and German models with rear-wheel drive or available only in four-wheel drive. In their case, the electric motor is sandwiched between the thermal block and the automatic gearbox. It therefore receives the power of both engines or both depending on the driving modes and of the supply of electricity in stock.
  • The second architecture is adapted to the existing models in traction on their versions 100 % thermal, with the image of the 2-Series Active Tourer, or the propulsion motor central back, in other words, i8 and i8 Roadster. In these cases, the combustion engine drives one axle while the electricity feeds the other. On the 2-Series Active Tourer, the electrical energy is therefore placed to the rear when on the i8, it is placed at the front. These models go from two-wheel drive (traction in a mode and propulsion with the second energy) to the four-wheel drive when the two energies are combined.

Mode 100 % electric vehicles in the range iPerformance can roll up to speeds situated between 125 and 140 km/h depending on the models. When the batteries are empty, the deceleration and braking also allow the reload. The electric motor becomes a generator and creates electricity, helping the car to slow down.

What is the range iPerformance ?

Quelle est la gamme iPerformance ?Start the slideshow
BMW X5 xDrive45e | our pictures at the Geneva motor show 2019

Photo Credit – BMW

The BMW range iPerformance consists of a variety of body quite broad since it extends the compact mpv 2-Series Active Tourer to the limousine Series 7, passing by a SUV like the X3 and X5. Besides the i8 coupe and roadster of the department “i” – the origin of the models iPerformance – that seek greater efficiency than sportiness. There is also much movement as integral transmissions. By 2025, the plug-in hybrid iPerformance will be offered in each segment.

Models :

  • BMW Series 225xe Active Tourer iPerformance (4 wheel drive) : 3-cylinder in-line 1.5-litre petrol (136 bhp – 220 Nm) + electric (88 ch – 165 Nm). Accumulated : 224 ch – 385 Nm Autonomy elec. : 41 km
  • BMW X3 xDrive30e iPerformance (4 wheel drive) : 4-cylinder in-line 2.0-litre gasoline (184 hp – 320 Nm) + electric (68 hp). Cumulative : 252 hp – 420 Nm Autonomy elec. : 50 km
  • BMW Series 530th (propulsion) / 530th xDrive (4 wheel drive) iPerformance : 4-cylinder in-line 2.0-litre gasoline (184 hp – 320 Nm) + power (95 bhp – 250 Nm). Cumulative : 252 hp – 420 Nm Autonomy elec. : about 60 km according to versions.
  • BMW Series 745e (propulsion) / 745Le (limousine rear-wheel drive) / 745Le xDrive (limousine 4-wheel drive) iPerformance : 6-cylinder in-line 3.0-liter petrol (286 bhp – 450 Nm) + electric (113 bhp – 250 Nm). Cumulative : 394 ch – 600 Nm Autonomy elec. : about 55 km according to versions.
  • BMW i8 / i8 Roadster (4 wheel drive) : 3-cylinder in-line 1.5-litre petrol (231 bhp – 320 Nm) + electric (143 hp – 250 Nm). Cumulative : 374 hp – 570 Nm Autonomy elec. Distance : 55 km / 53 miles (Roadster)

Models to come :

  • BMW Series 330th iPerformance (propulsion) : 4-cylinder in-line 2.0-litre gasoline (184 hp – 320 Nm) + electric (68 hp) with boost momentary to 113 hp). Cumulative : 252 hp (with boost momentary to 293 hp) – 420 Nm Autonomy elec. : 60 km
  • BMW X5 xDrive45e iPerformance : 6-cylinder in-line 3.0-liter petrol (286 hp) + electric (112 ch). Cumulative : 394 ch – 600 Nm Autonomy elec. : 80 km
Et Mini ?

And Mini ?

Mini, the british brand owned by the BMW group, which also offers hybrid and incorporates the technologies and the operating systems employed by the manufacturer to the propeller. Currently, only the Mini Countryman, which is based on the same base as the 2-Series Active Tourer from BMW, is available in a hybrid. Its characteristics are therefore similar.

  • Mini Countryman Cooper S in e S S-ALL4 (4 wheel drive) : 3-cylinder in-line 1.5-litre petrol (136 bhp – 220 Nm) + electric (88 ch – 165 Nm). Accumulated : 224 ch – 385 Nm Autonomy elec. : 42 km

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Renault GP Azerbaijan F1 : back on the race in pictures

Still a weekend to forget for Renault. The team in france has not scored points last Sunday in the race. It was mostly a result of the accident gag and then the abandonment of his or her driver number 1, Daniel Ricciardo, who entered the Toro Rosso of Kvyat, and the 13th place of Nico Hulkenberg. Classification manufacturers, Renault is down in 6th place with 12 points. The stable French is to be found behind McLaren (18 points) and Alfa Romeo (13 points). Nothing catastrophic in itself. On the other hand, he will not have to wait too long to pick up points to try to compete with Red Bull, the 3rd place of the ranking. Side drivers on the other hand, it is starting to become a concern for Ricciardo, who was abandoned when 3 of the first 4 Grand Prix of the season. The Australian only has six points at the counter. As his team-mate Hulkenberg.


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Historic Tour : Dijon Prenois

After the sun finally shining, place at the circuit of Dijon Prenois, who became mythical, after having received five Grand Prix of Formula 1 (but also 1 of Switzerland), between 1974 and 1984, and sacred Prost and Jabouille and Renault. It is therefore on this route, passed to the posterity, that will do battle from Friday to next Sunday, the 350 drivers present of the Historic Tower for the second race of the season, the drivers allocated to the different trays, for a total of 20 races.

In other words, a lot of show to expect, on the different grids of departures as the runway, with no doubt of the desperate struggles on the 3.8 km of the track and its nine turns…. Because, remember, beyond his mind, the gentleman-driver, the Historic Tour is the first Championship of France FFSA, including the double classification (Cars/Protos and GT/Tourism) allows you to give two titles of champion of France at the end of the year : it’s going to fighter severe in Dijon…


Friday, may 3

Qualifications / 16: 05, 18: 50.

Saturday, may 4

Qualifying from 8.30 am to 11.55 am. Races (9) from 12: 05pm to 12: 30pm and from 13.50 to 19.00.

Sunday, may 5 : Race (11) of 8.40 to 12h15 and from 13h25-17: 45.

Ticket service public : entries in advance at a reduced rate of 10 Euros on : www.historictour.fr


Opel Corsa : the sixth-generation approach

It is in Swedish Lapland, but also in the test Center German, Dudenhofen, near Frankfurt that the next generation of the Opel Corsa, still in disguise, perfecting the last details of its development, condition actual. Chassis, engine, electronics, or lighting, everything is scrutinized for months by the specialist of the brand to the Lightning.


Great way to sobriety

Part belle à la sobriétéStart the slideshow
Opel Corsa | the official photos of the model of pre-series

Photo Credit – Opel

Thomas Wanke, development engineer in the department Performance of the brand, explains : “For the development of this new generation of Corsa, we brought a particular care to sobriety. This sixth generation is significantly lighter (10% of the won relative to the current), a pledge to reduce energy consumption while increasing the pleasure (…) Our aim is clear : to offer the customer in handling of very high level, with an optimal balance between safety, comfort and pleasure.”


The first Corsa electric

La première Corsa tout électriqueStart the slideshow
Opel Corsa | the official photos of the model of pre-series

Photo Credit – Opel

Please note, this is a first, Opel will offer the Corsa in version all electric story and come to the shadow, in particular to his cousin, a certain Peugeot e-208, with which it shares the platform CMP. Finally, we recall the importance of the model Corsa for Opel, since the city has sold to date to over 13.6 million copies since 1982. The Corsa 6 will be marketed starting next fall.

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